I have renewed my weekly PLO tournament and doubled the prize pool to 50 SCR. The payouts will be as follows 20 SCR for 1st, 15 SCR for 2nd place, 10 SCR for 3rd, and 5 SCR for 4th place. The tournament may change days/time depending on my schedule as I would like to be able to play in my own tournament. However, it will remain on Thursdays for at least this week.

I have also been informed that unfortunately tournaments hosted with the scorum coin will be suspended at the end of September. As of now this tournament will run until then. Anything leftover will be pushed into the final few tournaments, it looks as if I will have 100 left over which means the last 2 tournaments will have a 100 SCR prize pool.

I plan on running my normal weekly recaps of the tournaments as long as I catch the results. So come on out and play tonight, Thursday at 8PM. Thanks for all the upvotes and support from everyone who has been able to play. I really enjoyed hosting the tournament and will look into hosting again if it becomes a possibility.