Hey guys, Thursday is upon us and tonight is the 8th installment of the PLO tournament I have sponsored on scorumpoker. In last weeks action it came down to myself Vs. InTheNow going for the win. After multiple back and forth hands where it appeared it was over but the shorter stack prevailed on a miracle straight we finally ended up all in on the hand pictured below. We both flopped top pair Ks and I had a gut shot straight draw to go with a heart flush draw. InTheNow had the pair of Ks with a better kicker on the flop but the 10d on the turn put me in the lead with 2 pair. This also gave InTheNow a ton of outs as a non-heart A or 9 would give him a winning straight and any diamond would give him the winning flush. Fortunately for me the river was a blank and I took down my 4th win in 7 tries. Come on out and try to take down the win this week.

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