Hey guys, been grinding it out on coinpoker and was able to pick up a few No-Limit Hold'em wins on the site. In the tournament above I won entry by placing top 5 in a freeroll. I played the entire tournament, ran very well, knocked out 6 of the 13 players and by the time heads up rolled around I was a massive chip leader, I flopped top pair with K 4 os, and got it all in against a flush draw that ultimately missed giving me the win.

The tournament above ran last night and I joined right before the cutoff but was able to maneuver my way into a win. I played this tournament entirely from my phone and honestly I can't remember any big hands that happened or how I ended up winning it. I just played my usual cautious style, tight aggressive, well calculated risk/reward situations and managed to beat everyone else.

I started playing on the site again about 2 weeks ago and since then I've managed to accumulate about 16k CHP in my account. Converted to BTC that would be about 550k satoshis, or about 55 bucks USD. They have great promotions to go along with all their tournaments. Every week they give out 750k CHP in prizes to the top 20 tournament points earners, currently I'm ranked 6th for the week, and if I hold that position that will win me 10k CHP at weeks end. Every position in the top 20 gets at least 2500 CHP, and the winner gets a whopping 50k CHP, so it pays to play and earn those points even if you don't particularly run well in the tournament.

If you would like to give the site a shot, sign up using my referral link. I would greatly appreciate it and I always enjoy more competition at the tables!