Hey everyone, I managed to take down another tournament on coinpoker. This one was the same format as my first win. I joined the tournament late right before the registration cut off and was thrown at a table with the massive chip leader only 3 handed and pretty big blinds. The chip leader was raising pot every single hand, needless to say without some skillful maneuvering I was in big trouble. I kept folding everything hoping someone at the other table would get knocked out to put us back to 1 table but it wasn't happening and eventually I had to make a few stands. My patience paid off as I won an all in doubling me to about 7500 chips, but still short of the 10,000 you start with, then I caught another winning hand almost immediately putting me at about 16k and giving me some breathing room to continue folding to the raises and play more my style.

Luckily soon after my fortunate double ups someone at the other table busted and threw all 6 remaining players to the same table. The chip leader kept the pressure on everyone raising every single hand he was dealt. I just kept folding waiting for people to make a stand and either double up or go out. 1 by 1 they all went down, 1 guy with pocket aces that he kept betting until all in, another with pocket Ks, but the chip leader kept hitting his sets/straights/flushes to beat their hands. When it was down to 3 remaining I decided to be a little more loose and just try to hit some flops. I was able to do it and double myself up to about 30k chips, sitting me in a good place to continue to play my style while the chip leader just raised all hands. Eventually the clash happened between the chip leader and the other remaining player and he got KOd. When heads up started I only had about 20k left in chips while the leader had between 130k and 150k. I played a few hands but flopped nothing and eventually folded, I was blinded down under 10k again but this time my results were either winning, or 2nd place, so I started just pushing with whatever I was dealt and I won 2 hands in a row to put me over 30k, a few hands later I picked up pocket 5s with 3 other cards and called the big raise, flop 4 5 4, a nearly unbeatable full house, I checked, he bet pot, I went all in, he called, and those chips were mine putting me at about 60k to his 80k or so stack, a few hands later I get AAXXX and I limp, he raises of course, I reraise, he goes all in and I call. He turns over KKXXX and my hand holds for the win putting me in the dominant chip position. He won one more hand taking the blinds before we got it all in and I came out on top to take down the tournament. It's hard to see in the picture above but I think he KO'd 12 tournament participants to my only 1, which was him. I'm still not sure how I managed to pull off that win, I just had some fortunate luck at the right times and I needed every bit of it.