Hey guys, still grinding away over at coinpoker, but just not as much as I used to be. Today I took down the 75 tether guaranteed Omaha tournament. Not only did I win it, but I won it after gaining a free entry from the freeroll that awards 5 entries into the game. My first table was tough and included the player SilverGoldem who is a female player but very dangerous when it comes to Omaha. She's taken me out of many tournaments with superior play and surprisingly strong hands at showdown. Today I was able to avoid big confrontations with her and she got picked off and eliminated by another player after trying to execute a rare bluff. I literally have never seen her bluff which means she's picking the right spots to do it against me or I'm just not smart enough to find a call when she does it.

Anyway after surviving my initial table and moving to the final table I was able to double up and take the chip lead at about 50k in chips. I stayed above 40k the rest of the tournament as the other players pushed and got taken out. I knocked out 4th place and 3rd place who were both short stacked to get to heads up vs Corney14 who was about even with me in chips. We played a few hands before a scheduled 5 minute break. During the break I lost connection and had to close out as the tournament was restarting. Luckily I got reconnected back before I started auto-folding. I picked up pocket Ks, I raised and found a call, the board was all low cards so I fired another bet and Corney14 mucked his hand. After this I just went on a roll, I kept getting and making hands and winning pots and quickly got him short stacked. Then in the final hand it was checked down until the river. We got it all in and I turned over the nut flush Vs his flopped 3 Qs. If he had bet the flop I likely would have folded, because I hit runner runner to make the flush. Fortunately for me he did not bet the flop and I was able to take down the win.

The above tournament ran a few days ago and I hopped in late but at the final table. I got short stacked right away but fought back time and again and eventually was able to pull off a somewhat improbable win. The player I beat was really frustrated because he had a massive chip lead the entire final table and when 3rd place went out he had me covered by about 70k chips. I clawed my way back though, hitting some fortunate cards that got me some big double ups and in the end I was able to prevail and take it down.

Coinpoker has officially changed over to tether as of the beginning of October. This wasn't the only change though as they changed many of their tournament structures and removed many of the Omaha games and replaced them with NLHE much to my chagrin. Before the change over there were 5 large Omaha tournaments per day, they were all KO tournaments with no rebuys. Since the change they narrowed this to 1 Omaha and 1 5 card Omaha and only 1 I can realistically play everyday as the other runs while I'm sleeping. In addition to narrowing down these games they've made them rebuy tournaments which means people can play rather loose and just rebuy if/when they're knocked out. Luckily rebuys are limited to only 1 however.

I've struggled with thinking about how I'm going to approach playing now because I used to play every KO tournament throughout the day as long as I felt up to it. Now most of the games are NLHE and that's not my best game. When there are 20+ players playing you realistically only have about a 5% shot at getting a win, maybe a little better if you run well. Everyone knows how to play NLHE well, so the pickings are slim when it comes to getting it in way ahead or having your hand hold up. Which makes it very difficult to cash in those games. For the foreseeable future though I plan on playing the above PLO tournament as long as I have the time to play it, whether I win entry, or buy in late.

Anyway that's been my week over at Coinpoker. Good luck if you sign up and give it a shot!