After a few weeks of frustration at my Omaha results, tonight I crushed the competition. Of my 8 competitors I took out 7 of them by myself. In one of the huge hands of the night I flopped top set and a weak flush draw and got 2 all ins from DarthMalak33 with a strong flush draw and npomocc who had flopped a straight. Darth hit his K high flush on the river as I hit my weaker flush for the side pot and elimination of npomocc. I eventually eliminated the 3rd place competitor by hitting quads on the river to best his turned straight. I pretty much cruised to the heads up match with little resistance where I met DarthMalak33. I had a pretty big chip lead that he was able to grind away at for a little bit, getting within 10k chips a few times before I eventually would hit some hands/flops and pull back ahead. After a lengthy back and forth that included a lot of friendly chatting, I flopped a strong Q high flush draw against him and we stuffed it all in. I forget what his hand was, I think it was a pair of aces with a big kicker and maybe a straight draw, but after the turn card fell giving me my flush I was 100% to win and took down the tournament win.

A few hours later I joined the tournament I've been kicking ass and taking names in, the 9:30PM NLHE tournament. I ran pretty good, I played a huge pot with pocket 10s and 2 other all ins preflop. I was up against KQ and another hand I can't remember, but I flopped a set of 10s and thought I had it all locked up. However, a J fell on the river and gave the KQ a straight, giving them the massive main pot while I took down the small side pot and eliminated the other player. I got a bounty though, but after that I was short stacked and had to fight my way back. I eventually made the final table and once there we were jockeying to get into the money and it came down to me and one other player to get in the top 4, we had about the same amount of chips and I was sitting in the BB and picked up 6h7h, I got min raised preflop which I called. The flop came 8 7 8, and my opponent led out a pot sized bet, I thought for a moment and go all in. I get called and I barely have him covered, he turns over A 2 and I figure "the only I'll lose this is if an Ace falls on the turn or river", the turn is another 8, giving me a full house, but an Ace would still give him a win, but in a crazy twist of fate, the river came the 4th 8 in the deck. This put quads on the board and left me with a losing hand because the A kicker became the nuts of the hand. No matter how you look at it, this was a super tough beat, I guess it just wasn't meant to be tonight, and sometimes that's just the way it goes. I'll try again tomorrow though for sure.

The hand that crippled me