Just won the above tournament in about the exact same manner I won this tournament last week. I was blinded down under 2k AGAIN with 130k chips in play and came back and won it AGAIN, you can read about the first time here. I actually took some screenshots of my short stack to show how low I got even though I didn't catch it at the lowest point of 1900. The comeback started when I picked up Q 8 and went all in for my remaining 1900 chips. I hit an 8 on the turn and that was enough to triple me up. I picked up Aces and Ks a few times in the right spots to get my stack back to playable while the other 2 kept going at each other. I won a huge hand against the chip leader with A Q when I flopped top pair on an A K J flop with 2 clubs that gave him a flush draw. I moved all in and he called and he missed his flush giving me the chip lead. A few hands later he moved all in with pocket 6s when I had A 8, I called and I was thinking 'even if I lost, I'd still be in the chip lead', the A fell on the river giving me a stack of over 90k going to heads up. After a few hands of folding to each other I picked K 9 of hearts, he moved all in after I called the blind, I thought for a bit and called it, he showed Q J and I was ahead in the hand and just needed to dodge a Q or J or something to give him a straight. The board ran out blanks and I was able to take down the win.

Today I tweeted at the great Daniel Negreanu about my own poker theory that he disagrees with and told me that if I only have 15BBs in chips left, I need to push with anything if I'm up against the BB. To me, in online poker, this doesn't make any sense, if you're in a tournament with 7 or 10 minute blinds you can WAIT for a hand ALMOST ALWAYS, unless you are down to the nitty gritty and about to be felted. I've won the above time slotted tournament more than a few times now after I've been blinded down to nearly nothing, I just patiently wait, the cards come, I win when I need to win, then my style allows me to win the tournament. Sure I got lucky along the way, but every poker player gets lucky sometimes, and sometimes multiple times. I feel like hands come in bunches, there's a period where no matter what you do, you will lose your hand, then that luck flips and no matter what you do, you will win the hand. The trick is to weather the bad spots and maximize the good spots. Below are some screenshots I took of my short stacks.

gettin low
Fought back
took down the win