Just took down my 2nd buy in tournament win on the CoinPoker website. Last week I documented my first buy in win, you can read about it here. This is only my second week back on the site but I felt like this win was a long time coming. I've been playing 2-3 tournaments per day and while last week I was cashing very frequently, this week has been the opposite. I played 6 or 7 tournaments in a row without knocking anyone out, or finishing in the money. Which is a bit odd for me given how much I like Omaha and how well I typically play it. Most times I was getting my chips in good, but my hands kept getting outdrawn. I even analyzed one of my beats and realized the guy who had me covered in the hand hit a 1 outer on me. You can see the hand below, StevieB was short stacked and could only win the main pot 12,600, the side pot 21,000 was up for grabs between myself and molloy. He called me all in pre-flop with no face card or pocket pair, but he hit the one outer straight on the river to beat my turned set of Ks.

Anyway, all that bad joojoo went away this time around. I won a few big hands at the final table, one of which against the then chip leader RingoStar who had AKKX while I had AAXX, we got it all in pre-flop and my hand held up giving me a big chip lead with about 100k chips while everyone else had under 30k chips. A few hands later Ringo pushed the last of his chips and I was able to eliminate him. While RingoStar fell by the wayside to finish 4th aironz was stacking chips and hitting hands against me, he got his stack up to about 60k taking me down under 80k while Grazua was barely hanging on. A big showdown ensued when I had JJXX and hit my third Jack on the river giving me the 2nd best full house with the board. Aironz had a lower full house that he was slow playing by betting minimum, we got into a reraise fight on the river getting it all in and I showed the winner eliminating him. With that knockout I took a massive chip lead into the heads up battle. My last opponent, Grazua, had little chance of winning, he had under 10k chips while I had 150k. After a few hands we got it all in and my hand came out ahead winning me my 2nd tournament.