50 SCR Freeroll

Join us on ScorumPoker.com tonight at 7PM CST (UTC -6) for Scorum.com's 50 SCR NLHE weekly Freeroll! This game is hosted by @awd2, be sure to give him a follow, upvote and thanks!

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December 1,000 SCR Freeroll

I would like to get together another 1K SCR Freeroll for December if everyone else is onboard. Instead of others donating, I can simply make a few posts from now until then and use the resulting funds for the tourney.

We do have donations leftover from the last 1K Freeroll, so we actually only need to raise about 900 SCR and that should not be a problem at all. Please support the coming posts for this 1,000 SCR Freeroll!