Daily Freerolls

  • 1 STEEM AM No-Limit Holdem
  • 2 STEEM Dos Uno NLH
  • 1 STEEM BROwingman Exclusive NLH
  • 2 STEEM c0ff33a & derangedvisions Daily Deuces NLH
  • 1000 SPORTS BROwingman Exclusive NLH
  • 1 STEEM Four-Banger NLH

Weekly Freerolls

  • 10 STEEM NLO Hi/Lo every Tuesday
  • 10 STEEM HORSE every Thursday
  • 25 STEEM Friday Night BROmaha
  • 2500 SPORTS inthenow's NLH every Saturday
  • 5000 SPORTS Fitcoin NLH every Sunday
  • 10 STEEM The Alliance NLH every Sunday

Monthly Freerolls

  • 20 STEEM PL Omaha every 4th Saturday
  • 20 STEEM NL Omaha every 2nd Saturday
  • 50 STEEM NLH FollowBTCNews every 2nd Friday
  • 200 STEEM Titans of Poker Series NLH every 1st Saturday

BROcards™ - The collectable poker card game

BROcards™ Are Here!

A few weeks ago we introduced our new game BROcards™ that allow you to receive account upgrades for Free and gain entry into exclusive tournaments simply for finishing in the top 4 of tournaments. Higher payout tournaments yield higher ranking cards.


The morning 1 STEEM AM Freeroll pays out ...

  • 4th Place : 2 of Clubs
  • 3rd Place : 2 of Diamonds
  • 2nd Place : 2 of Hearts
  • 1st Place :  2 of Spades

The Monthly 200 STEEM Freeroll pays out ...

  • 4th Place : Ace of Clubs
  • 3rd Place : Ace of Diamonds
  • 2nd Place : Ace of Hearts
  • 1st Place : Ace of Spades

Trade-In for Upgrades

Players can also choose to donate for cards they need to complete a suit. Once suits are completed they can be traded-in with the click of a button ...


It's almost certain that most players will end up with duplicates of one or more cards and when that happens you can head over to our Sit & Go Tables to battle it out in a game of BROwar™ with other players.

The winner of the game will receive the next ranked card up in the same card suit for Free and receive the entry fee back as well! The loser loses their duplicate card and their entry fee. The entry fee is far less than the cost of donating for the card you would win.

See You At The Tables!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to BROsinoPoker.com and play for FREE with Zero Risks all day long with a great Community of Poker Players, many you already know from Scorum!

Want to host your own Scorum token (or any token) poker game or League? Head over to BRO.Poker and sign up to get your very own Custom Poker League going!