Account History

Birra (@ilbirraiooo) is currently working hard on getting's accounting history up so everyone can see all of their withdrawals and donations, with more coming later.

Each day he's adding a little something new to the site and it's really shaping up nicely. So be sure to give him a big thank you in chat and toss some upvotes and tips his way when you can!


In the near future we're likely going to be making a change to our model. Not a big change, but one that I hope will please everyone and make the site a bit more active. Here are the changes that will likely happen.

  • Bits will no longer be allowed to be traded for Chips.
  • Bits can be purchased!
  • Bits can be traded for SCRtickets as they can now.
  • Bits can be traded for Custom Avatar, Location, Title, Chat & Chat Color.
  • Bits can be used to play Ring/Tournaments as they can now.
  • Bits can be used in other on-site games we will have in the future.
  • Bits can possibly be used with affiliate sites like BRO Sports.

Manual Labor

We've discussed creating a Discord bot that can automatically handle this in the future so that players can simply enter a command in chat, send the correct SCR amount and memo to an account and receive Bits instantly in their poker account on

For now I will handle things manually if we make this switch, which is highly likely for several reasons. The first being it removes another legal hurdle we may have faced. The second being, it opens up other avenues for the site down the road.

That's it for today's update, see you at the tables!