Daily 30

ScorumPoker.com's Daily 30 was our largest to date with 20 players battling for the prize! The game is still in progress if you would like to watch how it ends. Our current leader is Kristyyd.

10 SCR Limit Holdem

Later today at 3PM CST (UTC -6) we have our weekly Limit Holdem 10 SCR Freeroll. Be sure to join us for what's sure to be a great game!

Nightly 30

Then later this afternoon at 5PM CST we have the Nightly 30 SCR Freeroll which is usually one of our more lively games. With the number of players we saw at the Daily we're hoping to see an even larger crowd tonight!

Bits Freerolls

On top of our daily SCR Freerolls, we also offer Bit Freerolls which run all day long. Bits are a secondary on-site currency that can be won in Freerolls or awarded by an admin to a Player.

Bits can be traded for SCRtickets which are required to enter into larger SCR Freerolls. You can also trade Bits for Chips. Just 1,000 Bits = 1 Chip = 1 SCR on our site. Each user receives 500 Bits when they join. Bits are not transferable to other players.

SNG's 24/7

If you can't find a Freeroll that you like, start up a Sit-N-Go using your Bits or Chips and find some friends to play against by visiting our chat.

See you at the tables!