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Daily & Nightly

As always we have our Daily 30 SCR Freeroll at 11 AM CST (UTC-6) with a few small Freerolls in between our Nightly 30 SCR Freeroll at 6PM.

Website Update

Birra has been hard at work on the website and things are really looking good! Soon you will be able to trade your Bits for SCRTickets or Chips directly on the website. Currently he is focused on the registration process and it's coming together nicely.

Thanks to everyone who's been helping test to make sure everything is in order prior to launch. Please keep in mind that any Bits you spend on the test site currently are only purchasing test tickets and not SCRTickets. If you need more Bits for testing just let me know.

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Trade Bits for SCRTickets.

See you at the tables!

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