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I'm superman but i'm leaving
Nothing is eternal under the Moon Finally, a long-awaited event for the entire @scorumpoker community happened - I was kicked out of the #alpacalypse tournament. Prior to that, for three weeks in a row, I won it with honor beat off attacks on my title. This time I set the alarm for 3 am and played from the computer, so I prepared screenshots for you. From the very beginning of the tournament, the desire of @phoenix to play strictly against me was clearly seen, and I think its actions were not always logical, but I did not give in to provocations because I understood its intentions)) But at the very beginning I managed to lose half of the stack to it. I tried to play actively, but in the next hand I got a little bluff. No luck in winning a tournament, sorry @Carabajac. Great pot from the flop in a flash correct my position. Incredible distribution, it was really hard to believe in 7 @SirCork. Since the flop in two pairs and no one believes me. Final table It’s a pity that since the @goldhunter1 didn’t have a decent stack to play with me, the more I hit the flop smartly. It's nice to call a short stack when two ladies arrive, but I was disappointed about the @goldhunter1 that he was flying out. Still have gunpowder) Response actions @TheBull) This time dozens were set against me thoroughly. Dozens again The final distribution for me and the end of the @Nikoskol era Summarize First of all, congratulations @Thebull for catching me on a great map. Secondly, thanks to everyone who played with me during these 4 weeks in the #alpacalypse tournament. Most likely you will not see me again in this tournament, and I think I have adequately completed it and created an excellent atmosphere for you throughout the entire month. This tournament greatly affects my health and sleep, so participation in it, though pleasant, is too painful. P.S. for @phoenix if someone can repeat my record - whistle to me, I will come and punish the upstart))) All good!!!

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