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First post of this year and a big thanks for the team
Hello, I know, I've been not very present in writing for the past 3-4 months. I had a very busy last quarter of 2018. My son was born, at work got overloaded due to the quitting of some colleagues and my involvement in different projects, so writing needed to take a brake. I was at Steemfest, where the Scorum presentation done by Olha was really enlightening. She answered most of the questions I had before asking them and I see that the development is on a good track. There is a vision and a roadmap for it. Also at dinner we exchanged some information letting the Scorum team now that we, the users, want to get more involved with it. For this I want to do another power up and to come to at least 5000 Scorum Power at the end of the year. This is my target, which shall be achieved with posting and powering up. This implies that I post at least once a week and be more active. Also as a plan is to do more promotion for the witness server @scorum-unchained as I see witnesses that are new, without any post that jumped into top20. So, now to the good start of the year. @tuck-fheman hosted the biggest tournament on till now with an initial trophy of 2019 SCR which was upped to 2169. It was all streamed on twitch. As I wanted to play poker and I checked the Scorum page I see this was a good opportunity to get me motivated to play. I joined, played bad for the first 30 minutes where I was behind the field. From 50 players I was somewhere behind 40, so that was bad. Switched the game, looked at the notes I made on the other guys and played more aggressive. I think after that I played my A-Game, and by A-Game I mean by taking Nash-ranges into account, doing the math also on bad hands with pushers that have been short. I really enjoyed it, especially that I manage to win it in the end. I think it was a good way to start the year. How to vote for @scorum-unchained? @guiltyparties build up a tool where you can vote for witness: which is hosted on his server at the moment. It stores no keys, and is safe to use for Scorum delegate voting. The code can be found on GitHub: So you can go to the website and click @scorum-unchained after the log in. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in here.

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