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Do You Want To Make Money At Poker Without Betting?
Hey, I think this might interest more than one person. I have played poker for some years now, but since joining Scorum it was when I really became a devotee of the game and lately I have been in too many games either online or physical with a group of friends (betting a few $), thanks to a post from a user here I managed to join the community of Coinpoker. source CoinPoker is a poker platform, has its own currency and is excellent for experienced players and also for novices who are entering the incredible world of poker. It is interesting how, over the years, blockchain technology is covering all areas of our reality and taking it to another level, improving and making the experience that you live more interesting. As you can see, the Pokér is not an exception, although there are several betting websites and casinos where they accept bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency top, it does not have the same efficiency as a solid project based on making each game and hand of poker is unique and 100% fair for all players. I'll start by saying what I dislike about coinPoker, there's really nothing wrong with that, maybe it makes me angry that Android users can enjoy the platform from the palm of their hand while the application is not yet available on iOS devices, but it makes up for it. the original version for computer which is my favorite and is where I spend a couple of hours a day. The registration is completely easy and does not require you to place personal data, so it is a point in favor of anonymity and it does not distinguish your country of origin, so if in your place of residence there are laws that oppose activities related to betting (like Ecuador) there will be no problem with access to CoinPoker. I understand that many of us do not want to put our money into a betting platform so suddenly, or on the other hand there are people who can not afford to bet but CoinPoker already has the solution for our troubles in mind, a big% of the total of coins is distributed daily and placed as a prize in more than 24 tournaments which are totally free, basically there are 2 types of tournaments, holden poker and Omaha poker and you will have to last until the end to get into the top of 24 players for Receive a prize that goes from the 10 coins to 275 coins, depending on your final place in the tournament. There are also tournaments that only award 10 places with tickets to many bigger tournaments and with more coins to distribute among the winners. Speaking of the gameplay, the game is pretty fluid and I have not suffered any failure that could compromise my hands, you should only have a stable internet to not disconnect often, the game gives you a time to connect or automatically begin to withdraw from each hand that you play. The tournaments can last up to 2 hours so you will surely have many intense games insured. Speaking of the currency, which we can withdraw at any time to the exchange Kucoin, is a value close to 0.01 cents so I will make the conversion of the minimum and maximum freeroll prizes, at least you can earn 0,10 cents up to $ 2.75 per tournament which will be enough to enter a table to bet with other players, I think if you are a skilled player you can make a lot of money here without investing. Personally I had a good luck run, followed by a double streak of bad luck xD so I think I need to rest a bit of poker to give it back with everything, I want to buy more scorum with everything I earn in CoinPoker. Today I'm supposed to do the weekly contest for the best scorum blogger in my discord community, but unfortunately a few hours ago I sent the steem to OpenLedger that I was going to sell to buy prizes, but they have not arrived yet. It is not the first time this happens, for now I will wait a couple of hours and I will tell you about the contest, in case the coins arrive without problems I will perform the contest later than usual. I'd like to play on but it's still in development, so we'll have to wait until the team finishes that big project! One last thing, have you read about Itex? is a project that I am supporting and that will help the development of Scorum in the Exchanges, also we will soon make an airdrop for Scorum because I am still discussing with my colleagues to decide the details, here below I will leave a link so they can read more about Itex. Itex Exchange

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