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Crypto Resistance 500 SCR Poker Tournament Recap
CryptoResistance witness (aka @mauryis) hosted 500 SCR freeroll yesterday in Scorum Poker League. Big thanks to him for that! If you like his ideas and work you can vote for CryptoResistance as Scorum witness here. Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst And now let's take a look at yesterdays action :) @potplucker goes all-in after the flop, @philippe calls, pairs his queen on the turn and eliminates @potplucker My 1st all-in of the night and 1st big pot All-in pre-flop. @kryptokeeper's aces hold up @kryptokeeper doubles-up 2nd hand in a row, KOs @philippe, and leaves @nikoskol with a very few chips R.I.P. @nikoskol :) @kryptokeeper is dominating the final table and again All-in pre-flop All-in pre-flop. @clt177 doubles-up once more Emanuel eliminates Carabajac, who ends the tournament on the bubble @clt177 flops a nut flush and cracks @kryptokeeper's pocket aces All-in pre-flop. My pocket pair holds up. @kryptokeeper finishes the tournament in the 4th place and wins 70 SCR Pocket 77 2nd hand in a row for me. @clt177 raises all-in pre-flop, I call and win a huge pot. Limping in pre-flop was not healthy for my stack If I remember correctly @clt177 went all-in in this hand after the flop Not limping-in ended even worse for me in this hand. Emanuel folds my all-in after the flop A big hand for me. I improve my chip lead to 8:1 @emanuel played this hand very well. And river messed things up for me :) because I thought that he may have a king with a better kicker. Very nice hand and stacks equalize again My attempt to steal BB went wrong :) All-in pre-flop. Congrats to @emanuel! A very well played tournament! Also congrats to @clt177 and @kryptokeeper who also finished in the money! This was a very interesting and balanced tournament! I enjoyed it a lot! More news about Scorum Poker League in SPL's founder's blog!

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