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Tell Me What You Want; Team Up V2
Talk to me, baby... Team Up In previous seasons, players formed their own teams, consisting of three or four players. Once a week for 8 weeks, there would be a designated 'Team Up' tournament. Each team member would do their best to play in that tournament, and depending on how the individual team member placed in the tournament, they would earn X amount of points. Points depended on how many people (team members or not) played in the tournament. For instance; @kryptokeeper, @thebull, @chops316, me, @bethalea, @potplucker, @tadas and @Mikey were the only ones who played in a tournament. It ended like this: 1st - potplucker 2nd - kryptokeeper 3rd - Mikey 4th - tadas 5th - choppers 6th - TheBull 7th - bethalea (hahahhaa i never lose Team Up tournaments!!) Potplucker would end the tournament with 7 points. Kryptokeeper with 6, Mikey with 5... etc... ending with me and my one point. Now, let's say Potplucker and I are teammates. Our team ends this tournament with a total of 8 points. Kryptokeeper and Mikey are teammates, and even though neither of them won the tournament, they end up with more points; 11 total. Each team's points are tallied together each tournament and at the end of the third tournament, the team with the most accumulated points wins! I'm explaining this because it appears that we are going to attempt another Team Up season, and I will need help assigning each team member points and adding the team points up. @generausd has offered to help, and I'd like at least one more person good at the maths and the details and stuff to also volunteer. Plleeeeeaazzeee! I'll be your best friend! Thank you to the Lucksacks who commented on the last post... Barbie, your suggestion was BY FAR my favorite! Although, I have recently sworn off hookers so unfortunately we'll have to continue with poker. sigh. My Proposal It was suggested that instead of choosing our own teams (and having the team I'm on dominate as usual) we figure some sort of ranking situation. At first that appealed to me, but then it sounded like an awful lot of work. So I thought, why not choose randomly! More things were said and then I had THIS idea; we have a Pre Team Up Tourney, and however you place in that tournament is your 'number'. Then, @inthenow and I will randomly pick numbers and assign teams in our Discord Server Voice channel and everyone can listen in, comment, etc. Once you have your team members, chat together and come up with a team name and graphic (see above) and send them to me, @bethalea. We will have a total of three Team Up Tournaments (please discuss times/days that are best for you below) for 25 Tokens (SBD's) each. The winning Team will have their graphic displayed on the Tilted Tuesdays table, to further inflict pain in the wounds of the defeated! As well as a TBD amount of SBD's/ SCR to each teammate. Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It Discuss these topics below as replies to the properly titled comments;when should we have the pre-tournament? This will be an INVITE ONLY tournament, for people who WANT to be on a team, so I want to hear from our players from all over! What time and day is good for you to play a one time, 5 Chip tournament? when should the other three tournaments be held? I'm fine with them being different times/days so... when?how many teammembers should each team have? 2? 3? 4? Other ideas/comments/kudos/memories of How Things Were In Your Day... ...and don't forget to vote for @bro-delegate as YOUR Scorum delegate!

Making money playing games!!
Around a month ago I decided to start hosting some poker contests over on NoLimitCoinPoker. You get 20 NLC2 when you sign up and entry into my games are free for the time being. There are also daily freerolls where you can win actual crypto (NLC2-NoLimitCoin) with 0$ invested. You can't beat that! I have been giving away at least 100 NLC2 and one Gold Foil Steem Monster. Today is a special day though as it has been a little over a month now since I first started the poker games. You must have a STEEM/Steem Monsters account (same thing) to participate in this tournament. Like I said before, tonight is a special game so there will be a few extra prizes! 1st place will get this Gold Foil Alpha Edition Water Elemental! 2nd place will receive a Gold Foil Alpha Edition Skeleton Assassin! 3rd place will get a Gold Foil Reward Edition Goblin Mech! Step 1. Sign up and/or login at NoLimitCoin Poker Step 2. Join my CHILL Discord Server Step 3. Tag me (@crystalhuman) in the channel #steem-monsters-poker, & leave a comment with your username on NoLimitCoin Poker, and your STEEM username so I can register you into my poker games.###### (There is no need to do this more than one time.) Step 4. Wait for me to announce the game details, join the match, play! (Each match will be announced on discord in advance.) Step 5. WIN! Follow me! Your favorite human. I am looking for the dankest memes for my Steem Monsters Poker contests/tournaments. For a chance to win a Steem Monsters Starter Pack ($10 value) please submit your best meme in the comments. I will pick the best one at the time of this post payout and give you your prize! Have you played Steem Monsters yet? Click the link and get started! Today's round will start at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time.