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First impressions of Ignition Casino
I posted about getting started on Ignition Casino yesterday, and I've had my first games on this platform over the past couple of days so I figured this is a good time to write a "first impressions" post. I also wanted to write a first impressions post since this is the first time that I have ever played online poker using Bitcoin. And the beauty of Ignition Casino is that you can fund your account using Bitcoin and play completely anonymously using Bitcoin while playing poker against people who are funding their accounts using Fiat. Having the ability to fund your online poker accounts via either Bitcoin or Fiat is smart, it ensures that there is a great abundance of players using the platform since those who wish to remain anonymous can use the platform while those who don't care about such things are able to play on the platform as well. It essentially means that there's an excellent player base on Ignition Casino so you won't find yourself waiting for a seat. Making a Deposit Depositing Bitcoin was pretty straight forward. I was given a Bitcoin address to send funds to, and once I did and the first confirmation was received at the Ignition Casino end, my funds were available for use. Get a 200% Bonus on your first deposit! Ignition Casino is obviously a little fond of Bitcoin at the moment, if you deposit Bitcoin at the moment using the Bitcoin Welcome Bonus, you'll receive a 200% bonus on your deposit. Given that I'm new to this platform I only deposited $25 worth of Bitcoin. But by doing so I ended up with an additional $50 in my account. Which brought my total funds up to $75. Who'd ever say no to free money right? The Tables I mentioned yesterday that I prefer No Limit Hold'Em. So this has been my game of choice. I've only been playing the low end tables so far. But I haven't had any trouble finding a table. The user interface (UI) is nice and clean and easy to use. The games move at a decent pace and you have the option of playing multiple tables at once which is perfect. The skill level of the other players varies drastically, you have complete novices right through to some skilled individuals. This keeps it interesting and fun. I had moments where I'd quadrupled my funds on the table to moments where I was down to my last 20 cents. I may or may not have just lost everything on a table just now as I'm writing this.... Cashing Out I haven't had a need to cash out yet, given that I've only just started playing. But you can cash out in either Fiat or Bitcoin which is the main reason why I chose Ignition Casino. Being in Australia, I need a way to cash out in a manner that avoids the banks, so buying in via Bitcoin and cashing out in the same currency is perfect for me. If and when you do decide cash out, doing so via Bitcoin actually shortens the wait time to receive your funds is substantially less and you don't pay any fees either. So, even if I were able to use Fiat on this platform, it's actually smarter to transact using Bitcoin anyway. Concluding Remarks So far, other than making some stupid blunders in my return to online poker resulting in a loss of money, I'm really happy with Ignition Casino. The UI is great, there's no wait time for games, I can play in a completely anonymous fashion, and I managed to get a 200% Bonus for funding my account via Bitcoin. And if you want to get on board and start playing here with me, then make sure you use my referral link. If you do, you'll get a nice bonus and I'll get a little thank you gift as well. Come join me!

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