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On Freaky Friday I reminisced about my childhood Poker days 😎 😎 😎
It's that time again Another week has flown by at warp speed. Busy at work and busy at home, but I always try to make a bit of time for Freaky Friday. The contest and @pete have been very supportive to me these past few months, so I always like to take part and showcase the contest to the wider Scorum community. If you don't know what this is, head on over to the link below and have a quick read and you'll be up to speed in no time. Right, here goes, let's get stuck right in! Midnight Toddlers Club The usual evening rituals and routines were gone though in each of our four houses. Dinner on plastic plates, with a little beaker of milk. We all had our own techniques to hide the food we didn't like. Mikey used to hide hide his carrots under the sugar bowl, and had even started sneaking some onto his brothers plate. The key was to cause a distraction or a decoy, and fling the nasty carrots to the other plate during the commotion. It was good, but it wasn't fool proof. Teddy's system was much better. He installed the help of his canine friend Sparky. Sparky would sit under the table, always within range of Teddy's hand, and when no one was looking or they were all laughing about something, he would discard the offending vegetables straight into Teddy's mouth, but he always cast off some meat as well to keep Sparky sweet. He was his ally after all. As soon as dinner was over, the slow wind down to bedtime began at each of our households. It was always bath time in one of the houses, then came the bed time stories would be wheeled out and eventually, it was lights out, and time for bed. We were all deft hands now at pretending to be asleep. A few hours would pass, and eventually our parents and siblings would be fast asleep, so it was time to put our plan into action. Now, it didn't happen every night, but we did it most Thursday nights, as we knew that our parents would be in bed early for work. Fridays and Saturdays wouldn't work at all, as they always stayed up late on those nights. There was the occasional Sunday as well, but mostly, we'd have our Poker nights on Thursdays. The escape This only affected 3 out of 4 of us, each time we met up for our late night games. That was because one of us would host the night, and therefore escape wasn't a problem, you would just have to sneak downstairs and unset the alarm and wait for the others to arrive. That was childsplay in comparison to escaping from the house undetected. We all had our little tricks and ways of sneaking out. Again, Teddy's system was probably the best, because they had a flap on their back door for Sparky, and he was able to squeeze through that. I really will have to convince my parents to let me get a dog. I mean just for eating dinners and dog flaps alone, it'd be worth the investment. I have €1.19 in my piggy bank, I wonder what kind of dog that could get me? Anyway back to the story, my own escape routine involved standing on a breakfast bar stool to reach the keys for the door, and then scooching the stool over to the door, so that I could reach the lock, and off I'd go. We would always limit the games to two hours maximum, as any longer was just too risky. If one of our parents ever found out, that would be that, and it would be curtains for our games and maybe even our friendships. We wouldn't risk that, not in a million years. We all met each other at the local playground the year before, when we were just starting to crawl. Our Mammies all got to know each other, and they would meet at the playground a couple of times a week. We became firm friends and figured out that we all lived pretty close to each other, so we exchanged addresses. It was Jimmy who first came up with the idea of getting together at night, when all the adults were asleep. That's him with the baseball hat in the picture below. It was him who taught us all how to play Texas Holdem too. Jimmy's the man! The first Gamenight Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday, I must have been 18, maybe 19 months old, still a bit naive and wet behind the ears I guess. No, I was actually wet behind the ears, teething makes you drool to no end let me tell you! Anyway, we all hatched our escape plans, and the First official Midnight Toddlers Club Poker Championship was about to get underway. That first night I lost 3 packs of Liga and a pack of rusks, but I learned loads from Jimmy, as he showed us all the ropes. Man, I don't think I ever remember drinking so much Juice. When no one is there to tell you "that's enough", you just keep drinking the stuff. Mikey, Teddy and Jimmy were in the same boat, and man did we have a sugar crash the next day, when that juice wore off! Yep, you guessed it Jimmy won the pot that night, and the next night and the night after that, but since then, it's been a mixed bag. The rest of us are up to speed now with our poker skills, and any one of us could win on any given night. I'm known for my bluffing, but every so often I get those sweet pocket Aces, and hope that someone wants to dance! Oh yeah, I saw this thing on the telly that last day about a place called Las Vegas. I'm going to tell the others about it, and maybe we can organise a night over there some time. It can't be that far away, maybe a couple of blocks? I'll ask Mikey, he usually knows these kind of things. That's it from me. Over and out. . . . . Thanks a million for reading my whacky story! Hope you enjoyed it. Peace Out.

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