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Scorum. Introduction post.
Howdy, making my account active on Scorum. I played a bit of poker a while back. My record should not scare you lol. I have been hearing a lot about Scorum poker lately so I decided to make use of my account here. I signed up a while back just to support the site with an added number. Sports itself is not something I have much interest in. I don't follow any teams or physical sports. I think the most physical sport I played was pool. I am over at Lucksacks, though there seems to be a bit more games over her on Scorum. Why not try my hand here or many thousands of hand's. Quite a few of the people I have met in the discord servers play on Lucksacks and Scorum poker. Now all I have t do is figure out how everything works. This might have been a bit easier if I had paid attention when I signed up a few month ago. Not to worry I will catch up, I might be bugging some of you with questions :P I do okay for a while then my feelings of invincibility kick in and I am all in when I should not be. My late game needs a bit of work. I like variations of the game. I have or know the rules of each game type out there for poker. Single draws I do not like so much. Triple draws are a better game for fun. Saying that, it does have it's draw backs too. Omaha Hold-em 2-7 Razz Badugi Hi-Lo Stud and mixed games. I enjoy them all. Starting at zero, I can only go up. Hope to see you all at the tables at some time. Maybe even one of you will sponsor me into a tournament. Right now I am going to Listen to Kenny Rogers, The Gambler, to improve my game.

Hi Scorum