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Week 10 Wednesday Little @Mikey Weekly Standings Update
Another week is already more than half over. We've had a great start to the Little @Mikey Poker Series although Wednesday's turnout was small with only four players coming out. Still, we've had seven different players pick up points this week in their quest to win the 25 SCR bonus.Don't forget to participate in my 250 (now 300 SCR) Underdog contest. The deadline is tomorrow morning. Enter here (no upvote required). Here's a review of this week's action. I hope you come out to join us this Thursday and Friday while watching some exciting NCAA Tournament basketball. Results From This Week Here are the results so far from this week's tournaments. I was lucky enough to place in all three and to win two of the tournaments. I still think I need another top-3 finish in order to end the week in victory and hold onto my 25 SCR for the second time these past 10 weeks. Monday #4. @Tadas (1)#3. @Mikey (4)#2. @Leosdemond11 (6)#1. @Four20 (10) Tuesday #4. @Kryptokeeper (1) #3. @Thebull (4) #2. @Leosdemond11 (6) #1. @Mikey (10) Wednesday #4. @Tadas (1) #3. @Leosdemond11 (4) #2. @Lama10 (6) #1. @Mikey (10) Current Standings The top-4 during any given tournament earn points. The top point-getter wins an extra 25 SCR bonus. If a player plays in all five tournaments in a week, they will receive a bonus five points, which has separated 1st and 2nd place several times in the past. Here are the point leaders for this week's tournament.#7. @Kryptokeeper (1)#6. @Tadas (2)#5. @Thebull (4)#4. @Lama10 (6)#3. @Four20 (10)#2. @Leosdemond (16)#1. @Mikey (24) We still have two more tournaments to play! Come out and join us to win a part of each 5 SCR prize pool and to contend for the 25 SCR bonus prize for the player of the week.10 More Weeks of Poker!Don't forget -- this poker series has been renewed. I have paid for the tournament to continue for the next 10 weeks and I will also continue to pay the 25 SCR bonus each week. Good luck to all and thank you for supporting this tournament series! Have an amazing week!