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Little @Mikey Week 13 Recap and Results
How is your weekend going? If you're like me, you're probably getting ready for the start of the final season of Game of Thrones while getting some work in and spending time with loved ones.Let's take a look back at this past week in the Little @Mikey Poker Series and award our winner, who will receive 25 SCR shortly after I publish this post. This Week's WinnersWe had a light week in the Little Mikey Poker Series but a lot of fun was still had by all. Monday: Kryptokeeper Best Losers: Thebull (2nd), Lama10 (3rd), Tadas (4th) Tuesday: Potplucker Best Losers: Tadas (2nd), Thebull (3rd), Kryptokeeper (4th) Wednesday: Tadas Best Losers: Potplucker (2nd), Kryptokeeper (3rd), Mikey (4th) Thursday: Mikey Best Losers: Tadas (2nd), Potplucker (3rd) Final Point StandingsHere are the final standings from the week. Thanks to everyone who came out and played. We had lower numbers in each tournament this week which I think is due to there being more tournaments running at any given time, which is great. Please come out to join us this next week!@Lama10 (4) @Thebull (10) @Mikey (11) @Kryptokeeper (15) @Potplucker (20)@Tadas (23) Since there was no Friday tournament due to not getting two players to register, there will be no bonus points for playing in all five tournaments. Congratulations to Tadas who has been playing some great poker lately. Support Scorum Poker Have you played poker on Scorum Poker yet? If not, NOW is the best time to join! @Kryptokeeper is offering a huge 100 SCR reward to join. Read about it here. Support our community by following ScorumPoker on Scorum, by playing in tournaments, voting, and by hosting your own tournament on Scorum Poker. There are freerolls up for grabs now. Come out and play!