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Time to Win Some SCR! Reminder & Updates on The Little @Mikey Poker Series Freerolls & Giveaways
This past week, I announced that I would be giving away a total of 500 SCR in a new series of poker tournaments on Scorum Poker ( called the Little @Mikey Poker series (read the intro post here). The series will run for ten weeks with prizes given to the top players in each tournament and bonuses being paid out each week to the top player (25 SCR!).I wanted to give you a short reminder about the tournament series and share a few updates with you. Thanks to @tuck-fheman, my series of tournaments has been approved and he has created the tournaments on Scorum Poker. You can view the tournaments now in the lobby at The series does start this Monday, January 14th at 10AM CST. Make sure your account is verified before trying to register for this tournament. New 25 SCR Bonus Up for Grabs In the original post, I explained how I would be giving out a weekly total of 50 SCR: 5 SCR in the five daily tournaments and 25 SCR to the player who has the most points at the end of the week. In the comment section of that post, one generous member of the community and poker player, @kryptokeeper, offered a unique bonus.For any player other than @tadas, @mikey, @kryptokeeper, and @goldhunter1, @kryptokeeper will give 25 SCR to them for finishing in the top 3 in any of the weeks. This will be a one-time per player award, meaning you cannot win this multiple weeks, but a very impressive offer and I'm sure we will have at least one player cash in on this. Good luck, and thanks @kryptokeeper!I Asked, You Answered In a recent post, @eve, who is the lovely wife of Scorum Poker and Lucksacks poker player @tadas, shared her idea for a logo for my tournament series. I asked for suggestions, and she knocked this out of the park. I also love that she shared the first sketch, showing how it went from an idea to a final logo. Her Little Mikey logo will be featured in the center of the poker table, and you can come and see it by playing in the Little @Mikey Poker Series.She did not ask for any payment, but I had to send a small thank you in SCR. Thank you Eve! @Lama10 also came through with a cool banner that he updated with @Eve's logo. Thanks @lama10! Don't forget about the Team Good 30 SCR freeroll, which starts this Sunday. I hope to see you at my tournaments and the Team Good freeroll. Read more about the @teamgood freeroll here.

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