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Poker Streaming: Report Day 4🃏✒
Good news first. Yesterday my Twitter post announcing the start of daily poker streaming with a link to my Scorum post was shared by @KushMoney on Twitter, a poker account with over 4,000 followers. Thank you Kush. Speaking instead of last night's streaming I'm not very happy: the run was disappointing losing a lot of all-in at 70 or 80%. Despite this I managed to keep calm and play well for the first four hours of play, then I must admit that in the last hour both for tiredness and because I had few tables left a little tilted and started playing at random. The results of the streaming after two days are fluctuating, there are times when I reached a peak of 20 spectators like the day before yesterday, while yesterday the peak was 5. I think I have to improve a lot as an entertainer when I'm in live, it's something of which I really have to put myself to work, and to be constant above all because the secret is constancy. Another positive aspect of yesterday was the greater level of slowness that I'm taking on Winamax, the field is different and a bit fishier. Also dominate the software with the fact that probably there is no default place and the timebank works sometimes yes sometimes not, the tables change color according to the name of the tournament and other small things, it is something that slowly I'm improving In fact, yesterday I almost never did sit-outs. Leaving out the 20 buy-ins lost yesterday, I'm happy with how I played for 4/5 of the time, I'm happy with the tournaments on Winamax and I hope to become a better streamer with time. A greeting #StayHungry Useful links Link Streaming: Twitch | Facebook | Dlive My Telegram: @mauryis Discord Channel: How To Grown Your Instagram Account With SCR Please leave an upvote if you found this blog interesting. :)

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