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Poker more than interesting for this Wednesday at Poker Scorum
This Wednesday we have a more interesting day in terms of Poker tournaments, with the Buenos Aires, Argentina schedule we have (UTC-3). We start the morning with the usual and always interesting Little @Mikey tournament in week 4 where at 1pm (UTC-3) we will have the first big challenge to keep adding, I leave the last posting of @mikey on week 3. An hour later we have the tournament @Tadas Heads NLH / PLO 5 Chip, an always exciting and fun tournament where we can perfect our skills in both Hold'em and Omaha, being able to win some chips in the meantime. Schedule 2pm (UTC -3). After these 2 major tournaments, we have the new great incorporation of wednesdays with the friends of @ScorumItalia making a great contribution to poker lovers and these tournaments, turning the tournament Scorum-italy team 30 chip NL Freerool into One of the stars of February Wednesday, I think I speak for everyone in the community that we look forward to this tournament. Schedule 6pm (UTC -3). And finally for me the star tournament on Wednesday is the " Weekly 50 Chip Freeroll" where at night at 10pm (UTC -3), the last event of the day for us, a fun tournament with the possibility of take a big prize This is the most important itinerary for me of the day, unfortunately for work in some I will not be able to participate, but surely this present in the two stellar, see you there! Greetings to all!