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Poker on Monday!
There's no excuse not to! unsplash ...unless you haven't yet registered at! Check out my latest post on how-to do the Lucksacks thing! Also, join our Discord server! Opportunities for shit talking, reminders about tournaments, crypto babble and more awaits you! The invitation link is on the home page of Lucksacks. Ask for me, @bethalea if you have any questions! (truth be told; I'll probably pounce on you to say hello as soon as you join, lol)(no, it ISN'T CREEPY, chops. it's called being POLITE and ENGAGING. Cheezits.) Today's Tournaments 3:00 PM CDT is the Followbtcnews 5 Token NLH 3:30 PM CDT is the Pot Limit Big-O 1 Chip Turbo 6:00 PM CDT brings us the new 'Poker in the Krypt' Monday PLO 5 Chip! Sit & Go's Sit & Go's require you to have Chips (SCR) or Tokens (SBD) already in your account to play. You cannot put currency on the site however. So, how do I play a sit & go then, B? You play a free roll tournament (see above for Today's Tournaments!) and do a good enough job to make it ITM - In The Money! Then, you take those chips or tokens and play a sit & go or a ring game! Both of these types of games can play 24/7; join discord and get a few friends together and play! Ring Games Also known as 'cash games', ring games can be played for multiple sizes on multiple tables; you just need some playmates to join you! Thanks! Please understand that the upvotes from these posts help the site run, so thank you for supporting our site! And a big, wet, special thank you to our good friends @ats-david and @guiltyparties and PLEASE support their delegate by voting for @bro-delegate here!