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Scorum Poker Adds NLO8 Ring Games: How to Play
New ring games are now available on Scorum Poker. Here are the details and how to play my favorite game -- no-limit Omaha hi-lo, which is also referred to as Omaha8 or NLO8.Scorum Poker, if you're not yet familiar with the league, is a community-created platform for Scorum users to play in freerolls and games with each other to win SCR, but even more than that, to have fun while connecting with each other.After a brief discussion with fellow Scorum member @tadas in Discord, we decided to face off against each other in a NLO8 ring game. But there was a problem with this idea -- the game didn't exist. Within minutes, @tuck-fheman saw our conversation, and created two new tables. Scorum Poker now has a limit and no-limit Omaha hi-lo table. A few minutes after the table was created, there were four of us going at it with over 30 SCR on the table. I ended the session down 5 SCR while @iabuse won over 20 SCR due to his aggressive and fearless play. Tadas on the other hand lost around 15 SCR. Don't feel bad for him, he usually wins everything. How to Play Omaha Hi-LoAs many of you know, I'm a passionate poker player who has been grinding on and off for the past 15 years. During that time, I've developed a strong love for the game O8, which is, in fact, my favorite poker game. If you would like to join us on Scorum Poker and play Omaha hi-lo, here's how:Each player receives four cards Five different cards eight and lower are required to make the "low hand."The best low hand is an A-5 straight. The worst low hand possible is a 4-8 straight. For both the hi and lo, you MUST use two of the cards in your hand along with three from the five community cards. If there are not three cards on the board that are eight and lower, no lo hand will be possible. The pot is split between the lo and hi hands when there is a lo that qualifies. Still confused? I don't blame you. Listen to a professional discuss how to play Omaha hi-lo below. Come and play with us at! Have questions, post below!

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