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Genies Of Poker- Phil Ivey
I had the pleasure of reading about Phil Ivey some time ago, in the first instance it would seem that with that appearance,he was just learning to play poker but I can not be more wrong, he has one of the looks that can cause more terror in professional poker , a lover of big games and a humble antihero who hunts other poker legends. source A world reference in poker, Phil is considered and quite rightly one of the best poker players of all time, no matter how the new generations will play or how the old ones played, as Ivey is the exact symbol of the perfect bettor by not having not a shred of fear to trust his talent. Although he is quite famous around the world, he remains outside the cameras and populism, very contrary to Daniel Negreanu who constantly devotes time to his personal and public image. We continue with the fact that the best bettors are from the United States, Phil is not the exception to this rule although not from New Jersey, that city saw the early relationship of love between Phil and poker grow. His first entrust with the game that would change his life, was thanks to his grandfather who put in him a seed of knowledge and passion for poker, which today is paying off. source At 16, fate led him to participate in games in casinos, but how did he do it before he became of age? He paid a friend money to get a fake ID and start creating his bankroll. In fact his nickname "No home jerome" earned it because literally, phil spent more time in the casino than in his own house, sadly there was a terrible time in which the meaning of his nickname made allusions to his financial problems. Eventually and very young, he began his career in the poker world, quickly reaching the top among the best. We just have to review their awards in the tournaments: Five WSOP bracelets, six final tables in the World Poker Tour or victories in the Monte Carlo Millions, in the Bellagio and in the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, I'm staying short mentioning his constant successes (his goal is to get 30 bracelets) source They say that the fact that Phil is so good and not talking much about his game, makes people think that it is a natural talent impossible to repress. Nobody knows all the sweat and tears that maybe Phil has watered to be considered the best poker player by other legends like Barry Greenstain. Certainly there are people who are better in the different forms of poker, but Phil takes that to another level because his ability to abuse the weaknesses of others, being a genius capable of petrifying his opponents. In addition to easily master other types of tournaments and make it king of cash games. "It is said that he won in the last hand against a tycoon, about 17 million dollars) Obviously out of having more than 17 million dollars won, is a pretty person who enjoys video games and basketball. source He even knew how to cheat a casino to win on his own, although the demando did not come out as we all expected. Phil is and will be a character without equal in the history that already happened, the history that is, and the history that will be of the poker. Personally I have seen many hours of his plays, and obviously I assure you that he is a master in what he does and loves. i dont wanna forgot to mention that he has been a fundamental pillar in the development of online poker, although he lost up to an average of 22 dollars per hand, today he recovered from his losses and can still find it at the tables of the casinos in Las Vegas, where he lives with his wife. This is one of his unfortunate games, it is well to idolize him but it is also necessary to show his "mortality" Any comment that adds value to my post, will be rewarded!

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