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Source I've not always been a fan of the game but seeing my pals enjoy every part of it really makes me anxious to try out learning few tricks and rules. Mike is my cousin who lives with us in Central city. I was six then and he was eight. The words he speaks were always the best thing that happens to me. I see myself doing the things he asks of me, that even when I try to resist his charisma, I end up ruining my heart tempo. Mike has the profuse love for betting as a kid that sometimes I see him as an adult. He has always been a healthy competitor among other kids in the neighborhood as he began to gamble with them on poker games. I was never an enthusiast of the game but I do accompany him to our neighbors basement where he plays with other kids. My knowledge about betting and poker is void, yet I sit with them round the table with my attention elsewhere just as you can see in the picture below. Mike been the boss in his white face cap, always plays with the absence of humour in his face. Image source If I should ask him the reason for such expressions, he'll reply saying, "Samuel Reshevsky didn't defeat several chess masters at the age of 8 with a smile on his face". Common Mikey, those were chess masters, these are just kids like us, I'll reply him. Most times, he feels like the boss and whenever he runs short of money, I'm always at his beck and call to provide his gambling necessity(cash). Pinterest Days passed, weeks turning to months, months to years while we grew older. Mike was now a renowned poker player at 17 while I graduated from just an accompany mate to a harbinger. Yea, I would tell the tales of his coming before he arrives just to send fright down the spines of his opponents. It looks like I really did have some love for the game though but no!!! The huge amount of winnings made by my cousin is what interests me. who cares about the game? I'll mutter to myself. We were gradually becoming the youngest rich kids in town. My desire to make more money grew without control while Mike wanted the fame all over. We decided to go face the league of champions in the town's casino where we bought ourselves into the game, with Mike among the players, i sat at the bar watching from far. Amongst the players was Phil Ivey, who we knew was the best of all. Nevertheless, we had to stake in our entirety. The more the risk taken, the more its outcome. Luck seems to be on our side as we won the duel and claimed the renowned nature for the period. Risky venture really pays. NEVER GET CONTENDED . Winning at the Casino wasn't all that's left. We've gained enough reputation by winning the humans in the game of poker, but why don't we go further to challenge the gods of the game? Rumours happened to tell the story of an ancient temple where humans gamble with the gods of poker. What would really be the stakes this time since its a game between the gods and mortals? I asked my self. The gods trades immortality when they loose to mortal being while mortals pay the price of loosing with their lives. Mike arguably refused to continue the fame adventure. After sets of pleading and convincing, he agreed to take part in the game only if it'll be my own life at stake instead of his. Of course, who doesn't want immortality? I whispered. We had a deal and journeyed for the temple. Image AT THE TEMPLE. I was left in a visible chamber from where I could see Mike at the table sweating profusely. You wouldn't want to know how scary those gods look like. The picture below is the perfect description of the immortals. The game was suddenly over after series of play. My heart raced down to my intestine as I could see Mike's eye turn red. He was sweating like one who had jogged a Marathon. Mike's expression was nothing to write home about while he stood there adamant staring at me. I bowed my head knowing its all over for me. My quest for immortality has pounced on me brutally. All hope lost, I looked up just to see Mike's face once more before the gods take me in. Was that a smile? wait a sec man, did I just see Mike smile?😱. Of course he is smiling. He was trying to say something to me but I couldn't hear him. All I could read off his lips were "we won". I was drunk in happiness seeing my cousin come out of the room smiling really hard and clapping his hands. Without much effect, I ran out of the temple immortal and the rest became history. This is an article in reference to @Pete Freaky Friday contest. Here's the link to the contest page. Thanks For Reading...

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