Poker / poker history

Hello everybody , today i´m bring to you the interview of a player on Steemit Poker League, he is @iAbuse the number #13/+1100 in the global ranking on spl.. He is a player of Cash games/Ring Games... What is your name and when did you start to play poker? Axel , started playing poker when i was 12 or 13 in junior high. Why did you star to play poker? Grew up around it with uncles and found interest. Which do you think is best poker online or casinos? Both are good just different. Live (casinos) is a bit softer. Need more patience since u dont see no where near as many cards as online. What are your favorite cards to play? AA KK. And suited connectors. Tell us an anecdote in you poker history? I played poker 26 straight hours at the casino with no sleep. Won't ever do it again. How do you control the tilt? Alcohol. I tilt easier sober. It's a practice over years to control it. Wich do you think is the poker level of the player on spl? Being part of SPL for almost a year u get to know how every player plays which makes it easier. Why do you play on Spl (steemit poker league)? It's a cool place with lot of cool people. Except Arcane. What would you like to see of the new SPL (scorum poker league)? I've been really inactive lately but everything looks fine. What would you tell to the players that wants to kick you out on the poker tables? Caaaash me outside how bout dat! If you have some question to Iabuse, let him know down below... I make this quicks interviews to know a little bit of the poker player on Steemit Poker League, this interviews are simple, but they contain great information, hope you like it and see you the next time...