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My Potential $625+ Free earnings in 2 months at
If your not a member of the SPL (scorum poker league) or apprehensive about joining I wanted to weight on why joining can benefit you both for coins and experience. Firstly myself Gaining a true perspective firstly a little about myself. I have been playing poker for around 10-12 years with gaps/breaks. I used to play online mid-stakes, mostly heads up before it become "resolved". I have extensive experience in cash games, NLH and PLO and have travelled playing £1/£2 - £5/£10. So I feel my perspective and experience is wide enough to establish both the needs of the many, new and few.....wide enough to grasp the true value. First thing to remember is that is a non-profit poker site, free to join and ran by @tuckfheman. The site purely runs from donations, don't let this scare you, nobody is going to harass you for anything, many member have been at scorumpoker since the beginning and donated nothing. I personally have donated from winnings and put my own SCR up for freerolls, this is something a lot of the Regs do so new players can join and win SCR and also to just enjoy the game. Also supporting @scorumpoker posts is a great way to support the site if you decided to be a part of the big guns :) So lets talk some numbers Since I joined mid-November 2018 till now 09 Feb 19 so around 2-3 month I have earn 't in total roughly 1200-1300 SCR from freerolls and ring games at Any funds you see going in to scourmpoker are to host freerolls/series for members which I enjoy doing. Cashing out then re-building CHIPS which converts 1:1 SCR. I understand above only comes up to 1038SCR I estimated through hosting freerolls from my scourmpoker balance and donations comes up to 200-300. So current value SCR = $0.06 x 1250 = $75 SCR at its max value earlier this year around $0.50 x 1250 = $625 $625/2= $312.50 a month since joining based on SCR maxed value this year. (I would release half at 0.50). So as far as value it is there for players. And for myself and a lot of people at this site it's not about making a quick buck.....but if it is for you then this is an example of what I know is possible. More important than numbers! Two factors when coming to play poker at scorumpoker, Fun and practice. Fun The SPL is full of welcoming people that are always looking to talk in the discord channel and enjoy the game. (Also other games available like a Madden Sim League called BROCFML). Practice doesn't make perfect but it does make better The principle "playing a lot is more important than where you play" this is the reason I spend so much time at scorumpoker. That to get better long-term results you need to play as much as possible more than the level.That is why over my two months at scorumpoker (based on 0.50 SCR at it's peak) I have made $312.50 a month without investing a penny and got plenty of mixed game practice and short handed tournament practice. why not join, it's free, fun and good practice for futures games.

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