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Poker Streaming #1
I want to start streaming poker mtt tournaments regularly. I have time and I like playing poker. Multi-table tournaments are my favorite discipline because they contain all the elements necessary to make them exciting and not boring: luck, discipline, strategy, psychology and lots of adrenaline. I have also noticed that when I stream and have an audience that looks at me, I tend to play better and the fact of wanting to explain my moves to my viewers means that I play more focused and reflect more. Also during one or more poker tournaments, there are several phases in which you are card dead and you tend to get bored, with active viewers who maintain discussions this problem is eliminated. A final is a win/win situation for me because I can play better and be more entertained. For the viewer, I hope to be able to offer an enjoyable streaming service and to provide all the details and possible explanations about my actions during the various hands. I hope that they too can have fun and maybe even learn a little bit from the streaming. I am native Italian mother so my streaming will be in Italian mainly, but since someone could also come from Steemit, Scorum or Twitch to see it I will try to answer any questions in the other two languages that I know, even if not to perfection: English is Spanish. If you look at my last post, an evening when I had little to do, I decided to stream and play mtt. The result was a few bluffs placed well and so much luck that led me to the victory of a 10 Eur buy-in tournament for a total win of 1320 Eur. Tonight will start the first streaming, I also solved a few technical problems that saw the resolution of the cam and the tables a little distorted and if you want to follow me I leave you under the links of the channels where you can do it. Tomorrow I will make a new post for a new stream but above all to be able to analyze and comment on the interesting hands that I will play tonight. Streaming Links: DLive | Twitch | Facebook Discover How To Grow Your Instagram Account With SCR

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