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Week 6 Wednesday Little @Mikey Weekly Standings Update
First off, I want to thank you for your support. I may not always deserve all of the support I get, but I do try to add value to Scorum in every way I can and repay what I've been given by others.Week 6 of the Little @Mikey Poker Series is more than halfway over and it's time for an update on the current standings. This has been another wild week with all different winners so far this week. Similar to last week, it's still anyone's week to win. Join us for Thursday's game at 10 AM Central and Friday's at 1 PM Central. You can still win this week's 25 SCR bonus so come out and play with us! Quick Poker Tip -- Being Willing to Fold the Best HandTo win a poker tournament, you have to fold good hands. In fact, you have to fold the best hand in certain situations. This may seem counterproductive, but when all of your chips are at stake early in a tournament, you can't always make calls that you would otherwise make.For example, pocket tens is statistically better than AK suited pre-flop. However, if pushed all-in during the first few hands of a tournament, even if you feel that your opponent has AK and you are ahead, you should likely fold. Are you willing to fold good hands in order to win a tournament?Comment below with your thoughts on this. Results From This Week @Kryptokeeper was our big winner last week, but he hasn't picked up a victory yet in any of the three tournaments we've played thus far. Here are the top-4 finishers for each of the three tournaments played. Monday #4. @Lama10 (1) #3. @Leosdemond11 (4) #2. @Mikey (6) #1. @Tadas (10) TuesdayGoldhunter1 comes out for Tuesday tournaments. This is the second week in a row he's won on Tuesday! #4. @TheBull (1) #3. @Kryptokeeper (4) #2. @Nikoskol (6) #1. @Goldhunter1 (10) Wednesday #4. @Goldhunter (1) #3. @Kryptokeeper (4) #2. @TheBull (6) #1. @Lama10 (10) Current Standings These standings will change so don't give up even if you're not yet listed below. We hope to see you tomorrow and Friday for a fun game(s) of cards.#8. @Leosdemond (4)#6 (Tie). @Mikey (6)#6 (Tie). @Nikoskol (6)#5. @Thebull (7)#4. @Kryptokeeper (8)#3. @Tadas (10)#1. (Tie). @Goldhunter1 (11)#1 (Tie). @Lama10 (11) Who do you think will win? Pick below. If you're right, I'll send you 1 SCR at the end of the week. Have a great week and I hope you'll join me for the Little @Mikey tournaments tomorrow and Friday! Don't forget to support the Scorum Poker League and come out and play with us!