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My Poker experience so far in ScorumPoker
This is my first ever Poker Blog on this platform so hope everyone will enjoy this. On this blog, I’ve added some screenshots of different poker hands that I witnessed as a participant of different scorumpoker tournament hope it’s ok to use these screenshots in this blog. Before the start of the year 2019, I didn’t know anything about the Poker games but since I know about the scorumpoker and the freerolls competition through @mikey, @tadas and @nlh-freeman’s posts, I created my accounts at I started to learn poker myself watching a few poker tutorials on youtube and also learned through the different websites found while searching the poker tutorials on google. As I already have a knowledge of different card games, it was so easy for me to start with the Poker. Before joining the scorumpoker, I also designed the promotional banner of @mikey’s “THE LITTLE @MIKEY POKER SERIES”. I didn’t there are different variations in poker before regularly participated on Mikey’s series. The funny thing is when different variations were running during the @mikey’s freeroll, I used to search the rules of these variations on google. I’ve been playing poker regularly on scorumpoker and have been a regular participant of @mikey’s poker series. Last week I finally made won the @mikey’s weekly contest and for being a top scorer of the week, @mikey sent me 25SCR reward. After two week’s of upset in @scorum-poker’s “F-Friday Morning/Night 100 Chip NLH/Omaha Freeroll” finally today I ended at runner-up in Morning Freeroll and won the Night Freeroll and received the (25+50) SCR reward in total from @scorum-poker. 2 weeks ago, after spending one and half-hour on table I failed to win even the consolation prize in the F-Friday morning 100 Chip NLH freeroll. Despite having more than 20000 chips in last week’s F-Friday night 100 Chip NLO freeroll, I ended the tournament at 5th place. I was performing so well and aiming for at least finish the tourney inside the top 3 and when everything went on my favour this rarest poker hand on table ruined everything. Here’s the screenshot of that rarest poker hand What is the Prbabality of happening something like this?? I’ve never witnessed such an unusual poker hand where table hand showed 4of kinds on the table and 3 players have the full house. What’s the probability of happening something like this :D After this hand I angrily went for all-in which again cost me and I ended the tourney at 5th place. That day I realized when it’s not your day no matter how strong your cards are you’ll end up losing everything. Because of different of time-zones, the F-Friday morning/night tourney for me is the Friday night/ the Saturday morning tournament. In yesterday’s F-Friday morning 100 Chip NLH freeroll, I played with a very cool mind. Most of the time I just waited for the right moment to chip in my bets. Yesterday, while spending one and half hour on the table, I didn’t even cross the 10k mark, and I was very much surprised to see myself inside the last 6. After reaching inside the last of the tourney I just stayed there and watched @jsock’s show. I felt like watching some kind of poker movie where the main character of the movie keeps winning by cheating like in City Hunter and Ong back. Yesterday it looked like @jsock could’ve won every hand even if he is betting against the straight flush. While eliminating every single last6 opponent, first he eliminated @PotPlucker with three of the kind of 10, then eliminated the @giornalista with the three of kind of king. Then he eliminated @girolamomoratta with two pairs of ace and eight. While giving continuity to his impressive poker run, he eliminated one of the toughest opponent(@kryptokeeper) to beat here on scorumpoker with pair of the king. By the time he was holding the 73K chip in his hand, I was like ”common you don’t even need to play against me, you’re the clear winner of this tourney and thank you for eliminating everyone :D ”. The way I played yesterday's tourney, I don't even deserve to end inside top4 but showing some patience helped me to end the touney at 2nd place. Here are some screenshots of how @jsock eliminated every single last 6 opponents and win the yesterday’s F-Friday morning tourney As today's day started, I woke up had my breakfast and registered on Friday-night 100 SCR NLO series. As the toruney started, I made a promise to myself that no matter how long it will take today, I'll end the series inside the top4. I was so bored and started the toruney from my mobile. As the toruney progresed, I made some mistake folding the small pairs which eventually ended up to fullhouse most of the time. After playing continuously for 2 hours and 15 minutes, I finally won my first ever @scorumpoker tourney and won the 50 SCR. It was so hard to play against the tougest contestent of the scorumpoker. When the tourney reached to last 5, I eliminated the @boatsports90 with the lucky straight from 9 to 13. He went to the all-in with the pair of ace in hand and I called to his all-in with the pair of king, but luckily table favoured me with straight and he lost despite having the 3 of kind of ace. Then @mikey ended his tourney at fourth. By the time it was second break, only me @Chops316 and @leosdemond11 were left on the table, then after the restart of the tourney I eliminated @chops316. In the final round, @leosdemond have the 20k chips and I had the 85k chips. In the final hand of the today's tourney, I went to all-in with straight after seeing first 3 cards of table then I @leos also went to all in with pair of aces in hand, fortunately I won the last hand with the straight from 2-6 and won the today's tourney. Here are some screenshots of today's tourney. I'm enjoying poker very much at the momment and using whatever I learned so far about the Poker I'm thinking to make the basic poker tutorials (which I think is much needed on this platform) and guide to start on scorumpoker. Thankyou @mikey, @tadas, @nikoskol, @krytokeeper, @leosdemond11, @thebull, @goldhunter, @potplucker for being the part of my regular opponents on scorumpoker.

My Favorite "Low Tier Buy In" Tournament Right Now (no adds or affiliate links)
Hey SCORUM Poker network! Really awesome to see that this platforms user base is so active. Sadly I was not able to join the games last sunday. But I gave it a go on the Ipoker network. I played a few qualifiers for a 55€ tournament without any luck, before the sunday 11€ "SPECIAL ONE" tournament fires up on Ipoker. Lately I have been enjoying this tournament almost every sunday. One of the great things about this tournament beside the soft player field, is that the tournament is a multi-entry tournament. Meaning that I can buy in four times - Having four almost identical tournaments running at the same time. Sadly I did not win the tournament :) I busted in all four before it went deep, but I managed to get in the money in two of them - so the bankroll is still intact. I was wondering where you guys are playing besides SCORUM POKER, and perhaps you also want to tip me off with your favorite sunday tournament pick? :) The one I play is named the "special one" and plays every sunday on Ipoker. Entrants are about 8-900 and buy in is 10+1 euro. Possible to multi-reg it up to four times. Blinds are not mega fast, but somewhere between a turbo and a regular speed (leaving room to play some poker). The quality of play is poor, with very few regulars. One downside is the ipoker platform which I personally dislike due to very bad software. If you have any suggestions or tips for the immutable sunday ritual, which is poker. Let me know :)