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Bluff and traps in poker
To win Poker, you need the best hand when the river is shown ... Well, not exactly, to win poker you just need to collect all the chips on the table, and for that, having the best hands help a lot, but is not always the way to win. The Nuts : It's a poker term, meaning the best possible hand. Of course, if you have the nuts, you can raise the bets as much as you can, but is it the way to collect the most chips out of your opponents? Won't they fold seeing what you bet? Wouldn't you make the pot raise to make a better profit ? That is where Bluffs and Traps come... Worst hand : Seven Deuce You just received a seven and a deuce, worse, they are off suit... Will you fold it ? Yeah sure, most of the time you will, but ... You already paid the big blind, and everyone folded except the small blind who just called, wouldn't you try to make a bit of chips by pretending you have a complete other hand ? There goes the bluff...Bluffing Bluffing in poker is something that happens a lot, but you do not want to be known by others as a bluffer. Even this is not exact, as sometimes good cards in a bluffer hand can make damages, as your opponents will not believe you, sure you're again bluffing. Otherwise, bluffing is the art of making people think you have a very good hand, and whatever the hand they have they need to fold to avoid a chip haemorrhage. Remember though, your betting strategy is crucial to bring your opponent where you want. Example of Bad bluff : Going all-in when someone is already all-in is stupid, as they will see your cards anyway. You always risk big when you bluff, as other players probably have a better hand, you must be convincing or they will plunder your stack. Trapping We spoke about the nuts, such hands must be played with a special attention. The other players are not stupid, they are good in the poker maths, they will study the cards range, so, some of them might have guessed you can have the nuts or any other very good hand. Trapping is also a bluff, but the risk you take is to win less, if people detected your trap. To trap someone, you can use the time and the bets... Taking some time before playing might make people think you hesitate as your hand is not that good after all. Checking instead of raising or betting also show people you hand does not rock. Sometimes you will see your trap triggered, when an opponent bets high against you. You then can call to make it last longer or Raise to snap the trap. The opponent will have to choose : Abandon the pot as he does not want to loose too many chips, or to bet some more to continue the game. He could do so if he thinks you're bluffing, or if he missed the nuts and thinks he has better than you. If your hand is good enough, feel free to raise or go all in to finish the bleeding :)Poker is more than a simple card game What I meant in this article is that poker is more than just another card game. Not only the hands value count, you need to take much more in account to play correctly. - Luck is a big part of it, but when you add trapping and bluffing you add some points into you favour. - Knowing all possible ranges - Knowing your players to read them - Being able to bluff and trap - Showing a poker face, when you play around a real table. - Talking while playing to distract people. Many strategies are available to bring the chips into your stack, your job is to find the ones fitting you the best. I hope to see you soon around a table... It's always fun, even when you loose. Leave me a comment if you want to meet me on an online poker site :) img credits : found on google, those are rights free and can be used by anyone

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