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@giornalista on (50% of the reward in free-rool)
We entered the month of April, I was born on April 28th 36 years ago, it is usually my favorite month, in fact I consider it the month in which I am very lucky, I will certainly try to exploit this positive fluid to make some matches on Before thinking about winning some chips, I think it is right (as the official representative of @scorum-italia and as a friend of @cryptoresistence) to contribute by promoting some tournaments. As it was for the month of March, we want to sponsor 4 tournaments, one a week, most likely Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m Italian time. The prize pool will be 30 SCr for a total of 120 SCR total. We are waiting for you and wish you good luck, but above all good fun. I wait for you at the table but first I leave you with an aphorism about poker! "Whether he likes it or not, a man's character is laid bare at a poker table; if the other players read it better than he does, he must only blame himself. Until he is capable and ready to see himself as others see him, with his faults and all the rest, he will be a loser at cards, and in life. "(Anthony Holden) Italians when they are two confide secrets, three make philosophical considerations, four play broom, five play poker, six talk about football, seven found a party that everyone secretly aspires to preside over, eight form a mountain choir. (PAOLO VILLAGGIO) Come out, win some chips and get ready for some ring game action this weekend! we try to play Friday nights, so now's your chance! Remember, if you're an active blogger on, you can play on ScorumPoker! Register today! If you like our work you can decide to vote for us as a witness through: You have 30 votes, use them because they are important @scorum-italia @cryptoresistance

The SBC 100 SCR Poker Freeroll