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Excited to get the 3rd place in the F-Friday morning 100 chip NLH Freerool
Really excited to have gotten the 3rd place in the F-Friday morning 100 chip NLH Freerool for the first time, it was a really exciting tournament, where in more than one occasion I was about to lose all my chips, but luckily I was able to overcome the situation , arriving to be during a great section of the final table in the first position. The moment I was most worried was when we were 7 participants and was next to @ kryptokeeper and @nikoskol the 3 alone on a table, at that time they doubled me in chips, but a string of good hands and luck in my favor, I could overlap to the difference and to reach the final table. Then the final table was handing out their chips from one player to another constantly, they were staying on the path @Giornalista (who was at the top in number of chips during the first part of the tournament), then @Bethalea who was left out several times during the first table we shared but knew how to recover to get to the final, then it was @thebull who fell, who was struggling to stay in the tournament all the time and hold up to the 4th place, then I play with me being two big players like @tadas and @cryptokeeper, @tadas was several times on the ropes but knew how to replenish and maintain, I lost my hand taking AK against Q couple of @Cryptokeeper, and so they were with 4 times more chips than @tadas and with high blinds it was a matter of time for @cryptokeeper to be crowned champion. F-Friday morning 100 chip NLH Freerool 1 - @cryptokeeper 2 - @tadas 3 - @rusinho027 4 - @thebull 5 - @Bethalea 6 - @Giornalista It was a very eminent tournament and I am happy with my third place, hoping in the next ones to improve my performance, thanks to all those who shared a table with me, I really enjoyed myself a lot. Greetings to all!

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