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Little Mikey Poker Series Announcment: New Challenge & Renewal
This past Friday, we completed the 24th week of play in the Little @Mikey Poker Series (view the results here) and it's time to make an announcement. For those who have yet to participate, each week, I give out 50 SCR to winners (5 SCR awarded in each tournament and 25 SCR to the week's best player based on a point system.One player this past week, Tadas, nearly pulled off what I thought might be impossible to do, even with small tournament fields -- win all 5 tournaments in a given week. He fell just short, losing on Friday to @TheHive, after winning Monday-Thursday. It was an impressive week, and it inspired me to make two announcements today.Announcement #1Although sometimes participation is low (which I hope to address with announcement #2), I love hosting this tournament and having you all play along each weekday morning or afternoon depending on your time zone. I have decided to extend the series for another 10 weeks, which will start after week 20, meaning we will have the Little Mikey Poker Series until at least week 30 (we just finished week 14).Please join us!Announcement #2 When I saw that Tadas almost won all 5 tournaments, my first reaction was -- holy crap, what a week of poker! A part of me loves that he fell just short of winning all five tournaments, but another part of me would've liked to have seen him pull off this feat.But what would he get for it? Other than the 25 SCR prize given to the Player of the Week, this grand accomplishment wouldn't come with any type of bonus...until now!I am offering a 1,000 SCR bonus for any player that is able to win ALL 5 TOURNAMENTS IN A SINGLE WEEK from now until week 30 of the series. You will have to give me some time to pay you in full, but I will make good on my promise and you will receive 1,000 SCR from me. Again, to clarify the rules, one player must win all five tournaments (Monday-Friday) in a single week. It will be hard, but it's possible as Tadas showed us this past week.Please leave comments below and thanks for playing! Make sure to support Scorum Poker!