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February Scorum Poker Freeroll Results
SCORUMPOKER.COM Greetings to all the Scorum friends! As announced in this post a few weeks ago, in February we dedicated some of our resources to the sponsorship of four tournaments on We had already done it before and we will certainly do it again, because we love the work of @Tuck-Fheman and of his crew...we believe it can be very beneficial for the whole Scorum universe. Our four freerolls were held every Wednesday in February, at a time (3.00 pm in the US, 9.00 pm in the UK and 10.00 pm in Italy) that could reconcile the needs of those who live in Europe and those who live in the United States. Participation was quite good...more or less a dozen users each time. We aren't on exaggerated numbers, but we think not really bad. Let's see in detail who were the winners of these four games. SCORUMPOKER.COM 6 February 2019 - Scorum-Italia Team 30 Chip NL Freeroll Entrants=9 Place1 : goldhunter1 (15) Place2 : Mikey (9) Place3 : rusinho027 (6) 13 February 2019 - Scorum-Italia Team 30 Chip NL Freeroll Entrants=11 Place1 : voiceoff (15) Place2 : Tadas (9) Place3 : Giornalista (6) 20 February 2019 - Scorum-Italia Team 30 Chip NL Freeroll Entrants=10 Place1 : leosdemond111 (15) Place2 : Mikey (9) Place3 : Tadas (6) 27 February 2019 - Scorum-Italia Team 30 Chip NL Freeroll Entrants=9 Place1 : Mikey (15) Place2 : Tadas (9) Place3 : Sarge (6) In total, about 7 hours of funny poker were played and 120 SCR were distributed. Now we will have a new initiative offered by @giornalista, one of our most active members as well as a great poker player. We are very pleased to announce that in March, thanks to his 50% of the reward in freerool, we will still be present as a sponsor on the Scorum Poker portal. We hope that you will be many to participate and we wish you to win, but above all to have fun. If you like our activity on Scorum, consider voting our Witness here, or support us in any other way you prefer. If you have ideas to create something useful and interesting for the platform, please write us in the comment section or join our Discord Server. We are always open to interesting and positive collaborations for the network growth. Thank you all and see you next time...Goodbye!!