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Taking A Break From Online Poker
Yes, the topic of this post is quite simply the idea to take a break from playing poker online. Am I a gambler? YES. Am I a gamer? NO. However, do I know when to stop? Practice has shown that I don't know when to stop or take a break, so I guess I have to do so every now and then, without thinking about it. One of the biggest problems I had when I was gambling was: "When is it time to stop and go home." I believe that this is a problem that many of us have, Us being those who are addicted to the feeling that "winning" gives us. Now, I don't want to generalise, but I will be honest to myself when I say that if I had known when to stop I would probably have not been a classic "gambler" who is in the red and yet hopes to one day get his own back and a few quid extra. Now, having said that out aloud, I do believe that I have found a way to control my lack of self discipline. Simply do not enter the establishment. Yes, that is right. I simply do not enter the establishment. Now what does all that have to do with my online gaming in free poker games? I noticed the same frustrations and feelings as when I was readily gambling. So it is bringing back some emotions that I haven't had ever since I quit entering the gaming/gambling establishments. Hence, this is a perfect opportunity for me to increase my self discipline by practicing what I do 'by not entering the establishments' and maybe by doing so, by taking a break every now and then, I learn to keep it at a "game of fun with people" instead of it turning into an "addiction for the thrill of winning" again. idk if all this makes much sense to everyone, but hell, to me it makes a lot of sense. So from time to time, at various lengths of time, days maybe weeks, even months if need be, I will be absent from the tables and it has absolutely nothing to do with the game or people playing. It is purely me testing myself and building character in a field that has in the past cost me dearly. Wanted to get this off my chest and hopefully nobody holds it against me for not playing from time to time. Cheers. Yours truly Jack Miller
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