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Making money playing games!!
Around a month ago I decided to start hosting some poker contests over on NoLimitCoinPoker. You get 20 NLC2 when you sign up and entry into my games are free for the time being. There are also daily freerolls where you can win actual crypto (NLC2-NoLimitCoin) with 0$ invested. You can't beat that! I have been giving away at least 100 NLC2 and one Gold Foil Steem Monster. Today is a special day though as it has been a little over a month now since I first started the poker games. You must have a STEEM/Steem Monsters account (same thing) to participate in this tournament. Like I said before, tonight is a special game so there will be a few extra prizes! 1st place will get this Gold Foil Alpha Edition Water Elemental! 2nd place will receive a Gold Foil Alpha Edition Skeleton Assassin! 3rd place will get a Gold Foil Reward Edition Goblin Mech! Step 1. Sign up and/or login at NoLimitCoin Poker Step 2. Join my CHILL Discord Server Step 3. Tag me (@crystalhuman) in the channel #steem-monsters-poker, & leave a comment with your username on NoLimitCoin Poker, and your STEEM username so I can register you into my poker games.###### (There is no need to do this more than one time.) Step 4. Wait for me to announce the game details, join the match, play! (Each match will be announced on discord in advance.) Step 5. WIN! Follow me! Your favorite human. I am looking for the dankest memes for my Steem Monsters Poker contests/tournaments. For a chance to win a Steem Monsters Starter Pack ($10 value) please submit your best meme in the comments. I will pick the best one at the time of this post payout and give you your prize! Have you played Steem Monsters yet? Click the link and get started! Today's round will start at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

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