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Throwback Thursday; Why Did You Start Playing Poker?
Online Poker isn't a thing of the past! Play today at! My Story Most of you have probably heard this eighteenmillionty times, but I'm asking YOU to share so I'll share. You show me yours and I'll show you mine, amirite? 😉 When I was 5 years old, my mom's kidneys shut down. While she waited for a transplant, she had to do a thing called dialysis a few days a week. She was on a buttload of medicine, including steriods that made her incredibly overweight. So running around and doing fun things with her kid had to be much less running around and very more sitting about; so she taught me cards. I learned how to shuffle properly (which is no small feat for a little kid) and play hearts, spades, rummy and poker. Since her death when I was nine, poker has become one of the last links I have to her. The pictures are faded, I can no longer hear her voice, but I do remember the card values and how a straight beats a flush but a straight flush beats everything except for four of a kind unless you've got the Royal. When I was forcibly signed up first introduced to the STEEM Blockchain, I was unimpressed. It seemed chaotic and messy - unlike Scorum, can I get a hallelujah! - and I just didn't want to spend my time or energy there, even if I could make some monies. Until I was told about Tuck-Fheman running poker games, where you could earn crypto. I signed up and I have managed to coerce found an amazing community and am lucky that Tuck allows me help him out. Now that the Scorum chain is here and Tuck created, things just keep getting better! Ok, there's mine; your turn!Today's Tournaments See you soon!