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Poker in my life. Part II
I will continue to talk about poker in my life. For those who are interested, you can read the beginning here. Army Poker The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation greeted me with the first November frosts, soured porridge and selective mate commanders. I was lucky, and after long wanderings I got into the training part fairly calm. There I met a colleague who worked up to the army in a stickman’s casino at the poker table. So I found a companion and friend of interest. By the way, in our company there were 5-6 people who played poker well and sometimes we secretly smashed cash from officers and old servicemen. And with that guy was an interesting case. We secretly bought a deck the very first and once, when I was in a night service, we organized night poker. I woke him up at night, and we played a new deck in a secret room on the cracks, and instead of chips, we had matches. When I came home from the army, I couldn’t get a job, and I decided to go poker from idleness. He made the first deposit of 10 dollars and began to play only microlimits. A week later, I was able to win the tournament for $ 0.10, if anyone remembers, this was held at the PokerStars. The prize was about 40 dollars and I was just winged, but I still did not play more than 2.20 dollars. Somewhere in a month of the game I was able to win the first big prize: I got to the final table of the tournament for $ 2.20 and took 4 or 5 place I don’t remember exactly, the prize was around $ 300 and for me it was fabulous money then. At that time I didn’t even know how to cash them and just brought them to Webmoney - it was 2010. There were a lot of ups and downs ahead and by itself a lot and a lot of poker, but first things first ...