Poker / texas hold em

#alpacalypse / #llamageddon!
Last weekend we hosted two no-limit hold 'em tournaments on Scorum Poker: Saturday was our first weekly 30 SCR #llamageddon and Sunday was our eighth weekly 30 SCR #alpacalypse. Thanks to everyone who came to play! As usual I streamed my tables (on a delay) via Twitch.#llamageddon: (there's a bit of overlap on the livestream with SBC's monthly 100 SCR tournament, which I was also playing in.) It was a very international finish with players from Nepal, Russia, and Ecuador in-the-money! 1st Place: @lama10 15 SCR 2nd Place: @nikoskol 9 SCR 3rd Place: @leosdemond11 6 SCR #alpacalypse: Each week we place a 5 SCR bounty on a specific player, as a bonus for whoever eliminates that player. @nikoskol won three of these tournaments in a row (!) before finally being eliminated (and I had increased the bounty to 10 SCR as well as @sargento adding another 5 SCR) in week 8 by @thebull. Well done! 1st Place: @thebull 15 SCR 2nd Place: @chops316 9 SCR 3rd Place: @nikoskol 6 SCR This week's 5 SCR bounty will be on @thebull and on @goldhunter1 if @thebull doesn't play. That's 65 of our SCR up for grabs every week, just for having fun playing poker with us! Follow the @teamgood account here on Scorum for weekly reminders and results posts a day or two before our weekly freerolls, and the @scorumpoker account here on Scorum for daily updates, tips, and trash-talk from the hosts and players! If you are 21 years of age and an active non-plagiarizing non-sockpuppet member of Scorum (per @tuck-fheman), first go to the Scorum Poker site and create a new account, then join the SPL Discord or contact @bethalea (@bethalea#8729 on Discord) to have your account verified. We hope to see you at the tables! Please consider voting for our Scorum Delegate here!Join the Scorum Forum Discord here!

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