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Bounty Announcement and Reminder for #Alpacalypse Tournament (35 SCR)
Extra! Extra! A happy reminder for the Sunday night Alpacalypse Tournament, so please come and Win Your Piece of the 35 SCR Pie. Tournament starts at 7 p.m. Standard Eastern Time so break out a bottle of rum and get ready for the Alpacalypse! The fifth #alpacalypse 30 SCR poker tournament will be held this Sunday (February 10) and we hope you’ll be there to claim your share of a total of 35 SCR up for grabs. Once again, Team Good is bringing you a 30 SCR tournament and @mikey will be paying out a 5 SCR bonus to whoever knocks out the player who has a bounty on their head. You no longer have the excuse of watching the Super Bowl, so we want you to be there with us on Sunday night instead of eating nachos and hot wings and drinking beer. You can do all that by hanging out with us on every Sunday night anyways. As always, the tournament will be held at You must be at least 21 and have a verified non scammy or sockpuppet account in order to snatch up that tournament loot. Last Week’s Results: 1st Place: @ancapbarbie 15 SCR (Plus 5 for the bounty win) 2nd Place: @giornalista 9 SCR 3rd Place: @kryptokeeper 6 SCR Last week’s tournament was won by a "take no prisoners" advisor, poker maven and friend, @ancapbarbie who also won the 5 SCR bounty for knocking out @giornalista. She was sent her booty for a total of 20 SCR! Scoring some sweet SCR Booty is what helps to keep all our Poker Pirate Ships afloat in the sometimes treacherous waters. Yarrrr, be advised there is some word of even BIGGER BOOTY that may be in the works! Swiggity Swooty, Coming for that Booty! Due to her dominance last week, the bounty will be placed on Ancap’s head. If you can knock her out (Phoenix at the poker table), you will win 5 SCR whether you finish in the top three of the tournament or not. Shiver me timbers that sounds like an awesome time versus having to walk the plank! Follow the @teamgood account on Scorum for reminders of the weekly game- including who each week's bounty is placed on- and the results post that follow. Please Consider Voting TeamGood for continued professionalism with levity, fun and Morale Boosting Initiatives. Vote here: Thank You for Your Continued Support A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships, ScorumBet/BetScorum is Commission Free and has some of the hottest action around with some of the coolest people. Get in with the "insiders" and enjoy the ride! One last plug for another TG initiative...

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