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Contest! Win Chips on ScorumPoker for Commenting on This Post!
That's right ladies and gentlemen; it's time so share this posts post rewards again! Tell Us Some Stuff! First and Foremost! From Tuck, "Thank you to everyone that commented and congrats on your 32.29 in chips that will be put in your accounts shortly! Winners! kryptokeeper tadas potplucker mikey lama10 coinbelly bethalea lawlees broncofan99 ancapbarbie ats-david chops316 boatsports90 inthenow liberty-minded thebull jsock jonsnow1983 snook sultnpapper bacchist You read that right my friends! Each player mentioned won 32.29 Chips on the site! Last night we played a gnarly ring game, it was amazing! So do your thing and leave us a comment on this post to qualify for your share of this posts' rewards! And as always, thank you for supporting the Scorum Poker League Community! You need to be a member of the poker site to participate in this offer. To be a member of this poker site you must be an active blogger or have made a valid introduction post with photo and who's account is in good standing so that we can verify that you are a unique individual on our site. Today's Tournaments! You didn't think i forgot, did you?!? Silly goose ;) Tadas' Poker Marathon starts in less than an hour, 12:00 CDT! Omaha Daily Limit Turbo WTA at 1:00 PM CDT Pot Limit Big-O Turbo 1 Chip 3:00 PM CDT Then! Weekly 50 Chip at 7:00 PM CDT! For you early risers, the 30 Chip Daily Freeroll starts every day (hence the 'Daily' in the title, isn't that clever?!?) at 9:00 AM CDT! And Ring Games are available 24/7! Good luck, we'll catch you on the felt!

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