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Short Interview with @Tuck-Fheman, Scorum Poker Founder
@Tuck-Fheman is an online entrepreneur who is known on Steemit and Scorum for creating poker leagues and the communities that love them. His creations, aided by the help and support of the community, have helped bring in and keep users on both Steemit and Scorum. Tuck has also personally invested time and money into Scorum, having purchased well over 70,000 Scorum coins and giving out thousands to poker players through his own freerolls.The Scorum Poker League ( awards hundreds of SCR to players each week through freeroll poker tournaments. I host the Little @Mikey Poker Series and help sponsor the Team Good #Alpacalypse 30 SCR poker tournament. Few people have gained as much from the poker leagues as I have, so whenever I can give back, I try to. I decided to reach out to Tuck a while back to ask him a few questions to help us all get to know him a little better. Q: What is your background in sports and cryptocurrency? @Tuck-Fheman: I was taking batting practice at 6 months old with my Grandfather and continued playing baseball until I realized it was a kids game and women were more appealing to me. As a kid, I organized a local street football league called The Circle Football League. We had announcers and everything, which was usually me pretending to be Howard Cosell. Several of the parents took interest and became our "all-time quarterbacks". Now each team finally had the deep threat going. Regarding cryptocurrency, I heard about Bitcoin in 2012 from a Libertarian blog I followed. My first reaction was that it sounded like a scam and I probably said that on my old blog back then, but if you dig it up I'll claim Russians hacked me and posted it. About 6 months later it came up again, but this time the topic of mining was what I was introduced to and that sounded rather appealing to me. So I started mining and watching stupid YouTube videos to earn Bitcoin. Those table scraps at the time ended up paying off down the road and I started investing in new projects, like ProtoShares, which later became BitShares. The first crypto-community I was part of was Feathercoin because it was a great group of friendly people all helping to build the project up and creating uses & apps around the project, which was not something a lot of altcoins were doing at the time. An old hacker was in the group and we funded him to build a site (called Link) that allowed users to upload metalinks to any blockchain. We tried doing it on Dogecoin, but the Dogemmunity rejected it because of "teh childrens!". So it was launched on the FTC chain. This was my introduction to building apps for a blockchain and I've been addicted to helping do it ever since. Q: Why did you decide to join Scorum? It sounded right up my alley once I took a look, and then I saw Ronny Boesing was involved and I knew of Ronny from BitShares hangouts and investing in OpenLedger. Then I remembered you had brought it up earlier and realized a lot of the Steem Poker League was already there. It only seemed natural to join up and build a poker site for a community that is more focused on sports & gaming than the Steem Community as a whole. Q: After being on the blockchain for a couple of months, what do you feel that we still need in order to replicate or pass the success of Steem/Steemit? Marketing on other sites, which I know is already in motion. As soon as we have the poker site up we will also start marketing outside Scorum/Steem. As far as replicating the success of Steem, I think we can see already that the Scorum team is far more responsive to the Community's needs and issues that arise than STINC has been to date. Scorum is far more pleasing to use for blogging and the specialized sports focus gives it more of a geniune community feeling than Steem for me personally. The fact that the owners of Scorum reach out to talk with community members building projects and assist them all they can really sold me right away on Scorum. It was a complete 180 from what I experienced at Steem. Q: What do you hope Scorum Poker will bring to the platform? Poker. Q: What level of quality do you feel content should meet in order to gain rewards here on Scorum? It's all subjective. Whatever the individual reader enjoys. I get a kick out of a good one-liner or meme just as much as I do a well written article with 18 paragraphs. Speaking about my own personal upvotes, a lot of times I'm not just upvoting the content, but the individual for what they contribute to the Community as a whole. The platform is just getting started. It is my belief that right now the best thing I can do is reward those helping to build the Community up in whatever way they can. Any positive contribution whatsoever is helpful. Great content is what will ultimately bring mainstream visitors to the site, but a great Community is what will attract great content creators.Thanks Tuck for playing along and answering my questions, and for all you do for the community.Make sure to follow @Tuck-Fheman, and if you haven't yet, sign up or Scorum Poker at Have you voted for witnesses? Consider voting for @teamgood here: