Stuart Olding is grateful for the welcome he received from his new club, Brive, when he began his career in rugby, communicating well with Ulster and IRFU.

The conclusion is a preseason game against Connaught on Saturday before Brive, now coached by a former Ulster player and Irishman Jeremy Davidson, will participate in the ProD2 campaign in Bayonne on Saturday night.

Old age is the first competitive game since Osprey was injured in the ankle in April 2017.

Paddy Jackson suspended it in July of last year after the publication of PSNI.

Both players were fired for their Ulster contracts in April this year after an analysis of IRFU and Ulster after Belfast's rape trial in March.

Stuart Olding has signed a two-year contract with Brive

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The two men were found in March to train a woman in June 2016.

Anxiety is no doubt about judging, but he is relieved to return to rugby and be grateful to Brive and Davidson for giving him the opportunity.

"It's a chance to go back to the field and come back to the team," he said.

"I'm very grateful to Brive for that, I took her under her wing and I was well under her and I just wanted to pay her.

"I paid faster than I thought, thankful all over the world and it was exciting but discouraged, we did not know anyone in the team except Jeremy Davidson at home, leaving Ulster in the academic world this year.

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"But I paid the first week here and it depends on men here, they helped me a lot, very well to me, showed me the ropes, showing me the city," added Olding. He won the last four races in South Africa two years ago, after his debut against the United States in 2013.

Brive, who succeeded in the Leicester Tigers to win the Heineken Cup in 1997 but lost the last four to the Top 14, has been replaced between two divisions in recent years and is subject to pressure before the break to finish under the table of the past .

"There are 16 ProD2 teams," Olding added.

"We have a game every four weeks and then one week off, which is good for a little body relaxation, I just want to play as many minutes as possible this year - rugby team because of damage. "

"We are doing everything we can to get the promotion and not only do we want to survive ProD2, our goal is to get back to Top14".

His form of pre-season races was solid and he was impressed, especially in defense, in the loss of Saturday's 33-24 in Connacht at Pompadour.

A versatile player who played 58 games for Ulster since his debut in 2011, Davidson used it in the middle and half.

"I moved, Matthieu Ugalde and I changed for about 12 years, I was ten years old and, on the contrary, a small part of my back." This has not changed much since my arrival from Ireland.

"But I appreciate it, it's a good time to play and a great rugby."

He said he was not looking for his two-year contract with Brive, but he read the remarks of David Nucifora, the IRFU Performance Manager, and said in June that he did not comment on a possible return to Ireland for Jackson and Olding. at a given time.

"One of those guys showed it to me, I did not even know it.

"He showed me this, who knows what will happen in the future, but I signed here for two years and I'm going to put all my work here and get to know him," Olding added. .

Coach Davidson believes that Olding will be a great success in France.

"Stuart is really good, let's look at him ten, let's see 12. He has enough skills, he tries to speak French.

"She likes it, from the head, in the hope that it will continue and have a better week in the week," he said.

Davidson says it's important that Alding, like all the other players abroad, learn French.

"Every time you go somewhere, it's important to try and do your best, be part of the team and all the players who arrive this year are grateful to work."

The club organizes French lessons for foreign players and Olding admits that language learning is the most difficult to transfer to Brive.

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"I have a D in the French GCSE, it's height, but the guys are very nice, all the French speak English and I try to answer them in French for a long time, a former student of the Belfast Royal Academy, 25 years old.

He learned the basic expressions from French rugby and adapted to their use in games.

"This is all you need to do to learn the game, the games are correct, you know the phrases you should use.

"I'm going to have a coffee with the kids, I want to go out and learn the language, I do not want to go out and sit alone, I want to go out and have fun talking to you, receiving words and answering.

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i would like to say in end of post that Difficult to see a man tried innocent but lose so much. Could there be an opportunity to play abroad and play there abroad? Difficult to see the Irish road like things for those two hours. I appreciate that it is also difficult for the lady involved, but the law states that they have been proven innocent by a peer jury.