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By Zane Miller

On Sunday, September 5th, 1920, the United States defeated France 8-0 to win the third gold medal in Olympic men’s rugby history. It was the first gold medal for the United States in Olympic men’s rugby. The tournament consisted of only one match played, as only the United States and France entered the rugby tournament. France took their first silver medal with the loss. The tournament was held in Belgium, with Antwerp as the host city.

Joseph Hunter of the United States scored the only try of the tournament, which was also noteworthy as it was the first try scored in Olympic rugby after changing from being scored as three points to five points, where it remains today.

1920 Final Standings

1. United States (Gold) (1-0, 1.000)

2. France (Silver) (0-1, .000)

Medalists final game starting lineups

Note: Some players' first names are unknown

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