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By Zane Miller

On Thursday, August 11th, 2016, Fiji defeated Great Britain 43-7 in the gold medal match to win the fifth gold medal in Olympic men’s rugby history. It was the first gold medal for Fiji in Olympic men’s rugby, as well as the first medal for Fiji as a whole in the Olympics. Great Britain took their third silver medal with the loss, as South Africa claimed their first bronze medal in Olympic men’s rugby with their 54-14 victory over Japan in the bronze medal match. The tournament was held in Brazil, with Rio de Janeiro as the host city.

Carlin Isles of the United States scored the most tries during the tournament with six, while Terry Bouhraoua of France scored the most total points with 43.

2016 Final Standings

1. Fiji (3-0, 1.000) (Gold)

2. Great Britain (3-0, 1.000) (Silver)

3. South Africa (2-1, .667) (Bronze)

4. Japan (2-1, .667)

5. New Zealand (1-2, .333)

6. Argentina (2-1, .667)

7. France (2-1, .667)

8. Australia (2-1, .667)

9. United States (1-2, .333)

10. Spain (0-3, .000)

11. Kenya (0-3, .000)

12. Brazil (0-3, .000)

Game Results

Medalists final game starting lineups

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