Photo Credit: MLR

By Zane Miller

The first round of the playoffs for the second place spot in the final standings saw the Utah Warriors defeat Rugby ATL 17-5 to move on to the final round for second place, while the Seattle Seawolves took down Rugby United New York 26-17 to advance as well.

The Warriors were represented by forward Alex Tucci, while Atlanta was represented by back Martini Talapusi. The teams were tied up 5-5 at halftime, but it was the Warriors who pulled away in the second half, holding Rugby ATL scoreless for the rest of the game as they went on to win 17-5.

The Seawolves were represented by forward Brad Tucker, while New York was represented by back Connor Wallace-Sims. The Seawolves led 14-5 at halftime, and while RUNY would outscore them in the second half, it wouldn't be enough as the Seawolves claimed a 26-17 victory.

Utah and Seattle will play each other for the second-place match.

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