After winning the battle in the Swiss Courts to return to racing on the middle distance level without having to adjust her testosterone levels, the Olympic two-champion returned to talk about the meeting organizers in Rabat, to which she did not participate controversially. This time the 28-year-old South African middle-distance runner attacked the International Federation, claiming she was used as a guinea pig in the matter concerning the new regulation on hyperandrogenic athletes.


A heavy accusation for the athlete, according to which the IAAF would have experimented a hormonal therapy to reduce her levels of testosterone, compatible with the new rules of the Federation for hyperandrogenic athletes. After losing the cause to the Tas of Lausanne, Semenya won her battle at the Swiss Federal Court a month ago, thus being able to return to run her "800" (and all distances between 400 and mile) without having to undergo any treatment. The Swiss Federal Court has temporarily suspended the IAAF regulation introduced on 8 May concerning intersex athletes - those who naturally produce high levels of testosterone - who would have to undergo specific hormone treatments to lower these levels. But since then Semenya has not yet run an 800.